Subway Sandwiches taste in Fine Art

standing in Subway Sandwiches, we often don’t take the time take the time to notice some of the art on the walls. Often when we are in our mode of being consumers, there is this tendency to develop a tunnel vision.

So Ive been in plenty of Subway sandwich Ships. Living in a world with a all these chains it’s often hard to tell one from the other.

However there is always a level of decor that goes into any undertaking. And there SHOULD be! It’s great to see that anybody ever gives a sort of effort in those regards. My God.

Subway subway glass

This particular image stands out from the other images. It tends to be a little on the safe side. It depicts a shopping square in Europe or the east coast. With antique architecture and subway blue prints. It’s the piece that most perfectly celebrates their subway heritage.

The Raw Vegetable Series

in this series of work subway explores the depth of how we socialize our perception of commodities. Subway displays its raw goods represented against a pure white background. As if they are crystallized in this pre-commodity dimension.

This idea of displaying the desire for imagistic pleasure finds the viewer in the space whereby the raw material undergoes commodification. Through the process of labor our desires can be fulfilled. There is also this alluding to voyeurism with subway. As to how our food is made. The laborers undergoes what can only be described as a purification ritual before a sandwich can be born.

The subway artworks a fine glimpse at the subtleties of meaning that escape from a corporately crafted aesthetic.

Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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