Super Hot Russian Tattoo Artist Lyudmila Ziora

Super hot Russian babe Lyudmila Ziora Does tattoos!

So I like to keep constant tabs on Instagram artists.  While scrolling through I found this super talented tattoo artist named Lyudmila Ziora.  At first I thought that she was just as super model.  Then I looked on her instagram feed and I saw that this amazing work was actually coming from a total babe.


She tattoos across all of Europe.  She is an International tattoo artist from Moscow, Russia who also models as a side job. Not only are her tattoos on fire but she is also hot as hell.

You won’t believe how amazingly vivid and vibrant her tattoos are! They are like old masters paintings.  Her skill level is OFF THE CHARTS!>>>>>>>






Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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