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A Forest of Lines, 2008

The Artist Pierre Huyghe once filled the Sydney Opera house with 1000 trees.  It’s titled “A Forest of Lines.”  

Pierre Huyghe – A Forest of Lines, 2008. Concert Hall at Sydney Opera House, 16th Biennale of Sydney Image Credit:

This massive installation merges nature and culture.

Why fill an Opera house with 100 Trees?

Well, first a little bit about the Artist; Pierre Huyghes.  He was Born in Paris France, 1962 and lives and works in New York City.  He has exhibited his work all over the world.

Now, as to the 1000 trees in an opera house.  This manipulation of space reinterprets our sense of high culture. It’s a return of art to it’s main source. You see, Plato thought our sense of art came from the natural world.  Art, to plato, was just a bad copy of the natural world. It seems Pierre is bringing these two back together: the natural world and the space for art.

Image Credit: Zachary Nichols

If you put 1000 Trees anywhere. Be it, an opera house, a football field, a school etc.  The way that we see that space is going to change.  This sort of massive collection can put two different things together.


Pierre Hyghe A forest of Lines
image Credit: Public Delivery

“A Forest of lines” is a truly remarkable and astounding work of imaginary beauty. Artists nowadays don’t need to be amazing painters, scultors or draftsman. The avant garde conceptual art scene is truly bringing the imagination to the front of everybody’s consciousness.

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