CZARFACE Album Cover Artist Lamour Supreme

Typically this art would be called “lowbrow”  but it has a genuine ability to stand on its own with a “culty” appeal to it. He has an iconic comic book style that is reminiscent of the old Marvel single issues you’d see adorning the shelves of Bodegos in the 1960’s.  What I truly like about the artistic stylings of Lamour Supreme is his uncanny ability to draw upon his own characters.


If you refer to his work you can see that he is perfect for the various situations

You can really get a feel for how this artist defines his style. When he collaborates with “hip-hop” artists.  These artists who mask their identity become like superheros in their own right.  The way that Lamour can use his comic style of art gives the rap artists a heroic and esoteric aura.


Whereas most low-brow artists draw mainly on the replication and repetition of “iconic” pop culture images, Lamour’s stylized art can really be seen when he in his own world which you can see from the works below.

His painting of what Czarface labelled “the iron throne” is an astounding example of an artist “coming into his own.”  There is a definite level of skill  and talent that comes into play here.


The strength of his work “in my opinion” comes from the collaborations that he does with CZARFACE.



I love how these rap artists aren’t so formulaic.  With the whole Gangsta rap scene of the 90’s and 2000’s. This emergence of new rap artists collaboration with artists and artists collaborating with Rap artists is a new spectrum for the genre that offers a level of highbrow notoriety and a nod from the cult at large.  

Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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