Heady Marijuana Paraphernalia: Art that gets you High

Check out these heady masterpieces from the most talented glass blowing cannabis artists on the internet.  It’ll totally blow your mind you in depth these artists can get with just a little glass.


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Link cycler #1

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“Simple is better” “less is more” this idea works great for a lot of things in life…. not for this piece though. I’ve been working on this style recycler since last summer and am extremely satisfied with the design and how it’s integrated into the function with the peyote perc and double cactus uptakes to deliver a smooth pull with plenty of water moving through the piece. I love the way this piece feels in my hand and couldn’t be happier with the way everything lined up and came together🙌🏻 thanks for looking and following my glass journey. 📸 by #darbyholmglass #darbyarmy #cactus #glassofig #darbydichro #sold #inaprivatecollection in the private collection of @danbilzerian

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@darbyholmglass X @steve_sizelove 🌵Sizeloves litty luau🌵 Is Hawaii calling ? Do you hear the palm trees whispering your name? Do you hear the waves crashing down upon you requesting your presence? Can you feel the warm water as it passes throughout your body and releases all the stresses of your day. Can you smell and taste the sweet amazing fruits of the island ? Hawaii is a place of rest , relaxation and healing . But Please also remember to clean up after yourself. Bring out what you bring in . Recycle ♻️. If we don’t take care of the island it won’t take care of our children and their children etc etc. #lovehawaii ✌🏻#darbyholm #darbyarmy #stevesizelove #hawaii #palmtree #ocean #warmwater #rainbow #surfboard #rest #relax #healing #aroma #headyhawaii for info on this piece and others from steves show please hit up @steve_sizelove and / or @headyhawaii

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Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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