Image of a Giant Spider Eating Opossum!

A new image of a giant spider eating an opossum has arisen on the internet:

The fierce looking thing just showed up in my feed unexpectedly. But when I looked closer for more images, I couldn’t find absolutely anything.

This giant spider allegedly a huntsman tarantula spider. But I don’t know anything about spiders. We can see it here gorging itself on the Carcass of this possum.

Is This a Viral Stunt?

In my opinion It’s either fake or stupid. I’ve seen images of a giant spider eating an opossum before and those images were way way way better than this new one. In fact there is a whole video of this that came out not three months ago. See below

Is this image the only one available of it on the internet? This whole thing leads to me to believe that either that is a very tiny photoshopped marsupial alongside an equally giant photoshopped spider.

You can’t always be sure on the internet nowadays.

History of Viral Images of Giant Spiders

This brings me back to one of the very first “viral” spider images back during the beginning of the Iraq war. When G.I.’s were sending back images of these camel spiders.

This was one of the very first viral images of a spider. Now the problem with this:

  1. These are two separate spiders. This is the first factor which contributed to them looking as big as they do.
  2. This camera is taking an extreme close-up. So all of the details, down every individual hair, is visible.
  3. The background, with the persons leg as the visual comparison, makes it appear as if it’s larger than it actually is.

How We React to Viral Spider Images

Because we have a genuine, biologically and evolutionary innate fear of spiders, we tend to over exaggerate viral spider images. This new image seems like it could be an attempt at going viral. Just based on the previous spider video that came up a few months earlier.

I could be wrong, but I just need to see more images than just this one.

Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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