Pakistan Politician Uses Cat Filter In Live stream Press Conference

A politician in Pakistan was giving a live stream press conference when the cat filter “accidentally” got switched on.

Who knew that Pakistani Political Leaders had Cat Morphing Capabilities?


It’s since been called “Cat Gate”


Earlier this week, this Pakistani Politician was live streaming.  He was conducting a very serious conference.  The conference was being live streamed via Facebook. Everything appeared to be going as routine. Then, as the proceedings were underway; all of a sudden disaster ensued.  Well perhaps it was a disaster for him, but for the rest of us it was a stroke of comedic excellence.  Right in the middle of the live stream conference (via Facebook) a cat filter accidentally turned on.




Soon the political leader could be seen sporting ears and whiskers.  The cat filter fiasco has begun.

This was a huge improvement from the boring speech he was giving.  It was time that this whole conference got a little pizzazz. The cat ears and the whiskers were the highlight of the entire proceeding.  People who normally don’t tune into Pakistani politics were soon mesmerized.

It wasn’t only the one Politician. Soon anybody who was within range of the live stream could be seen being morphed into a cat.  This guy soon became the victim of the massive Pakistani politician cat filter scandal known. “Cat Gate.”

Pakistani Cat Filter in Livestream

Pakistani Politician Cat Filter in Livestream


It was not soon after they noticed that the cat filter was on that the damage had already been done. Even after they ended the live stream it had already become an internet sensation.

Embedded video Pakistani Politician Cat Filter in Livestream


Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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