Intense Avant-Garde Video Art! See JB Ghuman, Jr.

Sterling Silver (Avant-Garde Video Art Installation) by JB Ghuman, Jr

This piece of Avant-Garde Video art is composed by one of my favorite youtube video artists: JB Gunhman.  

I would narrow down his style as being in the conceptual/avant-garde realm of artists.  He posts most of his stuff to Youtube.  Although he is mainly using Youtube as his medium. He’s far from your average youtube poster.

He posts his youtube titles as (Video Art Installation.)  Which leads me to believe he’s treating Youtube itself as a sort of exhibition space.  Anyway this video art is truly a Marvel. One must watch it in its entirety.

Video Art Analysis

The video begins with two single characters. One a woman. Standing. Her shoulders thrust back.  A bag in her hands with the words wishes embossed on the front. The Dominatrix.

But where our female lead has her face thrown out in front of us. For all to see. A testament to her truth.   We see our second character.  A shirtless male cowering at her feet.  His face covered by a wolf mask. He’s bent over a drum.

On the stage wall behind them in thick black letters against a white backdrop are the visceral words.  POWER.  The word casts this ominous shadow across the entirety of the video.  It falls across, against and all over the two actors.  POWER holds them in not only visually, but metaphorically.

We can almost hear an inaudible whistle blows as the female character begins the sequence.  This is followed by a sweeping, long drawn out sequence. The Video camera zooms in.  In slow motion the female lead, lording above the cowering man spills her red seed against him.

But the male character barely seems to notice her.  He is overcome by a ravenous need to beat the drum.

The camera zooms onto the man and then the video art installation cuts off.

The heavy strobes lighting the whole sequence enhance the Chaos.  There is so much metaphor here. The art piece is full of metaphor.  But what is it?

 The mystery of this Video art is done perfectly.

It’s erotic, it’s bestiality, pornographic, domineering, aggravated, primal, visceral.

I love it.

Written by Emilie Wasser

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