Why is LaCroix Illegal in Massachusetts?

Plain and Simple, Selling LaCroix in Massachusetts is downright illegal!

Before they can sell in Massachusetts, the company needs to get a license.

The stage is set in Massachusetts for the”straight pride” parade.  This seemingly picture-perfect instance of headline-making extravagance is the perfect place for advertisers to sport their stuff.  In New England, for the most part, the Worcester: Polar Seltzer company has set the groundwork for a new selection of its highlight signature products: LaCroix.  People in New England have fallen under its spell, so it’d be the perfect place to advertise for the “Straight pride parade” and reach the masses.  One would think. However apparently LaCroix is illegal in the State of Massachusetts.
For LaCroix water to be sold in the State of Massachusetts, the company would need to obtain a permit which states that they’ve provided laboratory testing results.  To be more specific, this law statesthat no company manufacturing carbonated water “shall sell any such beverage within the commonwealth without a permit from the state department of public health.”
The Massachusetts State Government Public Health Department was not able to find any such permit filed by the National Beverage Corporation (the lord company of LaCroix.)
A notice was sent by the Department to demand that they submit the permit.  If they didn’t submit the paperwork then they would face potential legal ramifications.  This would result making the sale of LaCroix illegal.  It’s been since reported by TODAY that National Beverage has been working to get the proper permit in order.
The Lord Company of LaCroix has since responded:

“We have completed an application required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, paid the required fee, and are working in a good-faith effort with officials of the Commonwealth to promptly resolve this matter,”

Let’s hope that there will be some proper corporate representation for the Straight pride fiasco, because that is the true meaning behind any modern day event.  Promotion and propaganda.

Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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