Artist Watch: Emerging Art Of Artist Khulekani Msweli

Hailing from Swaziland with a four year “degree” in fashion and interior decor design, the artist Khulekani Msweli is gunning for the top of his industry. He’s a great designer & fashionista. Design and decor, however, are not his only skills. He is also the co-director and owner of an award winning design company called JEREMPAUL.  His higher education, however,  comes from South-port College and Manchester Metropolitan University in England.  Khulekani is not only an artist but an entrepreneur. The Swazis, however, are practiced and skilled craftsman and artisans.

The Artist the Myth, the Man

When you see him you know that he is putting effort into his “look.” I ask myself, “is this the tell tale sign of an eccentric artist? destined for greatness?” I am, either way, floored by how gracefully he sets himself apart.  This is, without question, the sign of a great artist.

Khulakani Mswell
Art image from instagram
Khulekani Msweli Art
Here the artist shows his clear eye for depicting intensity through photography.

Looking at the art of artist Khulekani Msweli


Art vis artsy

He has such a keen eye for design.  The art of Khulekani comes off as a mix of modern techniques and traditional Swazi design . When I look at the art of Khulekani Msweli I have a strong sense of an inner (implied) heritage.  His art calls into question African notions of tradition and how it will out pace the future.  Don’t get me wrong, the art itself always reflects on a sense of deep historic beauty. Khulekanis techniques, however, are far from “settled” or old-fashioned.  You see a lot of different mediums being used here: photography, installation, painting, fashion, sculpture and sketching.

Khulekani Mswell
Art image from artsy


The art stands out.  It has a very modern feel to it, in yet stays incredibly honest. It doesn’t feel pretentious.

The way that Khulekani is able to use different elements in his medium shows incredible skill.  He is able to switch between subjects and still be heard and understood.

Artist Khulekani Msweli

He can mix fashion and photography in order to create a very spectacular effect.

Artist Khulekani Msweli
art via artsy

Khulekani Msweli: Art world superstar?

I was thumbing through his work on Artsy and it seems incredibly under priced for the artistic value it has.  I never often think of art as an investment, just because of the sheer price tag that most art carries nowadays.  Thinking of art as an investment should never be the reason you buy apiece anyway.  Art, ultimately, has to speak with you.  It has to sing to your soul. This is how I feel when I see the art of Khulekani Msweli. The art of the artist Khulekani Msweli, however, does call to mind the tell of a soon to be art-world super star. This, in itself, is an enticing reason to snatch up his works at bargain prices before they are worth millions.

Written by Emilie Wasser

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