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Batman Museum For Comicon Exhibition At San Diego Balboa Park

We went to go checkout the free Batman museum exhibition at Balboa park for San Diego Comicon.  It was free, it was convenient and most importantly It was an amazing collection of the history and legacy of batman.

The event was similarly meant to coincide with Comicon.  Who would have ever heard of batman in Balboa Park anyway? That is to say, Balboa park is a bunch of art/science museums. So it was also great to have the batman museum there during Comicon. I’m not bad mouthing Balboa museums however.  Above all, Balboa is one the country’s crowning cultural centers.  All around the park there is a consistent visual Spanish colonial architectural style and it sets the mood for a distinct cultural vibe.  The batman museum exhibition was a perfect addition for Balboa Park  and for Comicon. It was so awesome that we at the cult machine want to give you a double dip into the event.

The Best part of the Batman Comicon museum: FREE ADMISSION

I would have gladly not paid to come here.  You see, us San Diegans have developed a cynicism for Comicon. That is because Comicon used to be easy to get into.  The tickets were once moderately priced, and you’d almost always have a chance to get in on one of the panels.  Lines weren’t so long because less people were going.  Comicon now has turned into the nerd Coachella where gen. Z’ers go to take pictures for instagram.  It’s been the best place for showcase your sexy outfit on social media. It’s because of the influencer appeal that ticket prices are now jacked way way up.  So when I heard there was a batman museum for Comicon and that it was free I instantly had to go.

Comicon for the poor

Being a Comicon goer again brought back a lot of memories.  I mean, I wasn’t really at Comicon, but the batman museum was the closest thing to it for me.  One thing to note; I wasn’t prepared to be being surrounded by tons of memorabilia so I was shocked right at the entrance.  I instantly got a taste of the Batman universe right as I walked in.  There was a giant medal gate-prop that was used in one of the series at the entrance.  It was here that I knew, I was in Comicon territory.

Comicon batman Arkham Asylum
Image via: David Hovsepian
Batman Arkham Asylum Prop
image via: David Hovsepian


Batmans Wardrobe and all of his friends were there

Batman suits from every movie were on display here. Each suit had a label saying which batman movie that it was from and which actor used it.

They had the Val-Kilmer batman suit that was used in Batman Forever & Batman and Robin

Some of batmans friends were there.  Here is Mr. Freeze looking all chilled out.


The back costumes were all dedicated to the more recent batman show: Gotham.

Batman costumes displayed here
From left to right: firefly, the scarecrow, the riddler, the penguin and then commissioner Gordan and Batman.


This giant duck is the boat ride from the 1990’s batman classic Batman Returns which starred Michael Keaton, Danny Devito & Michelle Pfeiffer.

Sexy Cat woman attire Sans Michelle Pfeiffer

I’m less familiar with the batman comics, but they had a great exhibition of the original printings.

They even had a display case filled with all of the batman collectible toys throughout the years. These figures come from DC collectibles.

Last and not least: The batcave

I’ve always been a huge batman fan. Batman has become  a staple of the American ethos.  He represents the masculine embodiment of justice.  The batman exhibition at comicon was great this year. I hope that they will have it again next year because I certainly will be going.

Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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