BOMBS AWAY!! Meteorite lands in India?

meteorite in india

As talks are going on about a huge football sized object which has bombed into a rice field in eastern India, many locals of Madhubani district which is located in Bihar state are claiming this object to be a meteorite. So is it a meteorite that landed in India?

meteorite in india

On the 22nd of July a fireball like object shot down from the sky as claimed by the laborers of Madhubani. Meteor, rock, unearthly object, whatever you call it. This news has grasped everyone’s attention. This object as we may call it crashed into a rice field and sent up fumes of smoke.

It has been reported to have created a 5 foot hole due to its impact. It was later dug out by laborers after which they reported it of weighing approximately 15kgs.

The admirations have not stopped ever since. Farmers claimed this stone has magnetic properties along with a shine on its light brown body. This ordinary looking rock gives a shine of an unpolished stone.


meteorite in india

Within these few days this object has gotten so much attention that it is not only to be placed in Bihar museum but will later on be shifted to Shrikrishna science center which is located in Patna where it will be submitted into the hands of experts.

Is it just an ordinary rock or is it really a meteorite that landed in India? Only time will tell but one things for sure that if this fireball does turn out to be a meteor and if it really has managed to make it through the earths atmosphere with out burning up then historians are suggested to ready their pens, as according to scientists, meteors provide knowledge of the history of the solar system.

meteorite in india

Are we heading towards another scientific breakthrough? What other secrets are we yet to discover about the solar system. Only time will tell…

Written by Hira Fatima

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