Scuba Diver Films Dick On The Ocean Floor


It starts off in this grainy P.O.V scuba diving video.  Slowly at the corner of the screen we are able to make out a somewhat familiar form laying at the sea floor. Then we begin to realize. In this raw video, from the bottom of the ocean.  Somebody found a dick on the ocean floor at 55 feet while scuba diving.

In case you were having a tough time making it out.  Here we’ve clearly defined it for you. So you can more clearly see it.


So this ocean dwelling dick was seen by the youtuber cabinet squirrel. Cabinet squirrel saw the dick and swam up to it to get a closer look.

The Diver stayed and filmed the dick for a good 20 seconds before swimming off.

To this day.  Nobody knows where the dick came from.  It’s a true anomaly and natural wonder.  All we know is that it’s a great photo opportunity.



Written by Burrito Mussolini

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