French-Expressionist Orsten Groom Nails The Instagram Artist Character


Instagram artists, for the most part, do it for the likes. This is no secret–plain and simple. As for the French-expressionist artist Orsten Groom he makes it clear that he isn’t out for popularity.  In this sense he has nailed the portrayal of the ideal artist; down to the T.  He has the cigarette smoking, the eccentric nudity and not to mention the raw expressionist style all packed up into one.  His personhood, that is to say is a breath of instagram fresh air.

You see, where the atypical instagram influencer is a sensationalist, Groom is far more of a pragmatist.  His raw dog style has the power to ground the viewer in the world that he’s created.  Expressionism, being a fluid school of art, bases its techniques in instability.  The way the expressionist works is like that of a mad person: splashing paint, violently attacking the canvas with the brush, creating random unplanned movement, designing from chaos etc.   Instagram is a highly visual playground for people who have come to expect a certain stability.  People who go to instagram, go to instagram to escape the real world and retreat into a virtual paradise.  Away from all of the filth.  But Orsten Groon brings that all back and puts it on display.

Most artists on instagram have no eye for style.  The lowbrow art movement is rampant among artists. That is, where the artists copy, distastefully, works from popular culture.  They do so, often with no embellishment or addition (in visual language).  To not make an art piece ones own is tantamount to full on copyright.  Orsten Groom, on the other hand, is definitely high brow. In this sense he arrives on this scene with a completely developed personal style.  That is to say, his art follows all the stylized pronouncements of an artist who has a fully recognizable and defined visual language to his name.

His personality is that of the artist within the shadows.  The culture of selfies seems all to overused in todays culture.  An artist who can create a profile around his work is truly taking the platform of social media to other heights.

Most instagram artists are hacks, creating art for likes.  I’ve come all too often upon the unsavory accounts of artists who just can’t stomach that creating something emotionally riveting is probably unpopular.  Hell, as I’m writing this Orsten Groom only has about 1,928 followers.  But follower count should never be the determining factor for the quality of an art work.  It’s for the sheer weight of Orstens work that I’m constantly drawn to his stuff.



Written by Emilie Wasser

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