How To Paint Abstract Art (Pikachu): An Artists Tutorial


This is a tutorial on how to paint abstract art.

What is Abstract Art?

“Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.”

the tate modern

Here in this video I’ll teach you how to draw an abstract Pikachu.

Since the 20th century abstract art has become a normal part of the artistic diet.  Before the 20th century, however, abstract art was left in the history books.  A lot of pre-modern civilizations used abstract artistic elements in their practices: The Greeks, the Egyptians & peoples of Mesoamerica etc.   It was with the beginning of the cubists, however, where abstract art really began to become favorable among art collectors and the art community.

What Characterizes Abstract art?

Abstract art is primarily characterized by a loosely conceptualized form. It can, however, also not be made up of any sort of form at all.

Cubism and Abstract Art

Cubism can be considered a form of abstract art.  However, cubism branched out into it’s own form of art entirely.  It could be considered the sibling of the abstract art movement.  Abstract art seems to not be based on anything at all while cubism draws a lot of representations from reality. I guess my Pikachu art is very “cubist” so to speak.

How do you go about drawing an abstract version of Pikachu? 

  • I always like to work from source material this allows me to create a recognizable representation the image. 

         Note: Some artists like to work from memory.

  • Rough Sketch: Work loosely and quickly to get the general idea of the art piece onto the canvas.
  • Outline: Once the entire piece is on the canvas, start pulling out the general design. Use a thicker color in order to make the design stand out for you and the audience.
  • Color: Here is where the image really comes to life.  It’s not always important to use the colors that came from the source material. However, if you do choose to work from the source material, remember to stay loose. Make your art piece just barely recognizable.
  • Details & the finishing touches:  Here is where you finally get to bring the whole piece together.   Add tiny shades of black.  Highlights become a necessity in parts that have become too dark.  Add any little finishing swoop or stroke that you feel can add to the general look of the piece.
  • Display your piece:  Art is not finished until it’s been displayed.  Art can’t be art unless there is another person to perceive it.  The reason we create art in the first place is to give our gift to the world.

Some basic tips when creating art in general is to find a style and stick with it.  So often I see artists borrowing, creating and copying derivative works that generally just not having a focus.  Focus is the key to learning to develop a visual style.  A visual style is the  artists way of defining his or her artistic language.  This is a language that belongs solely to you but that others can understand.  

Some final thoughts:

With abstract art you have such a wider range of creativity at your finger tips.  This is because you have much more control over the process.  If you screw up, or if you can’t make something look a particular way, then you can always just say: Hey it’s abstract art.  


Why did I choose to draw Pikachu?

I’m a very strong believer in the pop-pantheon.  All the mass media, commercials, cartoons, movies and videos etc.  These are all components which, to me, seem to be a new creation of a mythology.   Mythology has always been the way in which people can impose their ideas.  By formatting ideas through mythology it allows people to disconnect.  A certain distance from the art causes us to fall deeper under its spell.  In this “neutral” space ideas are more easily transmitted.

Sensationalism & Money with Pikachu

I’m always saying that MONEY IS GOD. I don’t do art for the love of it or for the heart felt goodness.  I do it for the sweet sweet cheese.  Money is the one thing that fuels the wheels of the machine and I want to keep this thing running another 1000 years.

So with all of this said by painting pikachu and doing a video on how to draw him abstract, I hope to help you see sort of my process in creating abstract art.  I also hope to get some of those sweet sweet likes and subscribers.  But all in all Artwork appeases the soul and when you post it online it appease the Gods of the internet hive mind. 

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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