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Keanu Reeves FaceApp Challenge and How It Changed The Internet

Keanu Reeves Faceapp challenge. We’ll take a look at the way that everybody’s internet boyfriend looks with the faceapp. He looks simply amazing. There’s no other way to describe it. Not only is he the nicest guy in the world, he’s also the nicest guy on faceapp.
Keanu Reeves has been at the center stage of viral content. We aren’t just going to look at how he looks in the faceapp, we’re going to look at some of his appearances across the internet. He appeared in that Ali Wong movie “Always Be My Maybe” and buzzfeed also did a celebrity interview with him while he was hanging out with a bunch of puppies.
So check out how Keanu Reeves translates through the face app.

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Written by David Hovsepian

The Grand Hierophant

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