Kung Fury 2 is Now Set For Production: David Sandberg Director

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Where the Last “Kung-Fury” from 2015 was a short film, the next film “Kung-Fury 2” will be a feature-length picture featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender

Finally! Kung Fury 2 is going into production later this month.  As according to IMDb this thing has been in pre-production for a while now.   I don’t know about you, but I’ve been awaiting this movie since the first Kung Fury came out in 2015.

Here’s what we can look forward too in the Production of Kung Fury 2

Kung Fury is known for its over the top homage to ’80’s action films.  Since it got crowdfunded it’s amassed a cult following with more than 40 million views on youtube. However, where the first Kung Fury was financed through crowdfunding, this next installment has gotten some major investors on board.  Apparently Creasun Entertainment USA has taken a major stake in the project.

The genius behind the project is none other than Kung Fury himself: Director David Sandberg.  Sandberg will reprise his role as Kung Fury as the film is said to be firmly set to be going into production Summer of 2019.

Kung Fury II Film Summary:

    Sandberg takes up his role again as the time traveling Kung-Fu master Kung Fury.  Set in 1985, the greatest damn cop on the force, is assembled with his ultimate team of police: Thundercops.  However after the tragic death of one of their members the group disbands.  Just then, a mysterious villain arises from the shadows to help the Fuhrer in his quest to obtain the greatest fighting weapon the universe has ever seen.  Along with his friends Kung Fury must travel through space and time to save the Miami Kung Fu Academy, find his friends and defeat evil once and for all.

David Sandberg the director is a genius

David Sandberg is a true visionary of our modern era of film making.  His combination of cult-like 80’s style makes for something that can only be described as a testament of the times.  Did I forget to mention that his previous film was funded through kickstarter? Kung Fury was kickstarted with a pledge of 1000,000.  However as their campaign came to an end it appears they fell short by about $300,000.  Despite that tight budget Sandberg was still able to pull of the Kung Fury that spanned the cult following it has today.  Now that he is funded by private investors with a much larger budget we here at thecultmachine.wpmudev.host are only too confident that Sandberg will pull off another masterpiece.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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