Model Train Figurines Having Sex: Is It Weird To Watch Them Get It On?

Honestly, I don’t see the allure of model trains.  I could never understand why anybody in their right mind would spend any time whatsoever on them.  But after seeing these sexy model train figurines having sex, I know why. I am totally obsessed with these model train sexy figurines.

Sexy Ginger doing her hair

Model Train Figurines Having Sex

For being so small & nimble she’s really a totally hottie.  I’d keep this Ginger around in my pocket with me all day. Now she’s not a a model train figurines having sex per say.  Just having a good time.



The Model Train Figurines having sex are flying off the shelves

Model Train Figurines Having Sex

Model Train Figurines Having Sex
Image from Worthpoint.


This is a miniature figurine model train man having sex with this miniature model train woman in a very miniature model train position.  No matter how inappropriate these two lovers are, I just can’t seem to look away. And slowly this part of me wants to collect them all.


Sexy model train figurines get it on
image credit: Evening Gazette
sexy train figurines
image credit: ebay

I brought them into my bosses office the other day and I laid them on his desk. He didn’t really notice at first, but after he saw them he was really quite surprised!

” I was just sitting around, minding my own business when this miniature orgy broke out right on my desk.  If I could I’d shrink myself down and join right in.” he said.


Pedestrian Figure Lady Undressing

sexy model train figurines
image credit: amazon

Go to the link here to see the fully exposed version of this.  You can see this sexy model train figurine in all her exposed glory.


Nude Volley Ball Player Mini-Figurines

sexy model train figurines

With these nudists you can bring the whole party home.   The Noch brand of sex toys comes from Germany. I guess the Europeans see this as pretty normal.  You’ve got to hand it to their loose sexual customs.


Bet you’ve never seen a little miniature bush before.

sexy model train figurines

This one actually looks like that Roswell Alien Autopsy video

sexy model train figurines

A little Shower action Nude Mini Figurines

Here is the entire pack of train hugging Sexy Model Train Figurines not having sex

So yea, after seeing this expose of hot sexy model train figurines getting it on I’m totally into hobby now.  I mean I’m not talking about the model trains here. Who would have thought that this new craze of collectible figures would reach outside the hobby enthusiast and into the realm of the common amazon shopper.  I mean all they are for are for decorating model train sets, right?  Well these model trains have a new line of mini-human misfits, and they are becoming more and more popular.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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