The Most Surreal Cartoon Sequences Ever Made

If you’ve ever heard one of Pink Floyd’s songs, you’re familiar with the bands avant-garde approach to Rock & Roll.  Pink Floyd’s: The Wall is one of the most pivotal albums of all time. Styled as a Rock Opera, The Wall spans across two albums/26 songs and covers topics from mommy issues to bringing home groupies.   In 1982 the band took The Wall to live action/animation with their then go to Cartoon artist “Gerald Scarf.” This synthesis of Rock and animation would bring about the most surreal cartoon sequence ever made.

The cartoon sequence starts with a blank screen.  Two flowers, slowly and organically, join one another on screen.   Here, at the center stage, the two begin to blossom.  It all too soon becomes very clear that these flowers are stylized around the male and female sex organs.  In a sequence you won’t soon forget; the fully erect flower begins to copulate with the other in a voracious sex .   As the intensity deepens the intertwined flowers create the synthetic form of a fully formed human body. All the while the steady, yet eerie melody of Pink Floyds guitarist, David Gillmore, taps out this tittilating yet unnerving melody.  It isn’t so soon that the intercourse soon turns, abruptly, to carnage as the flowers begin devouring one another.  In the end we see the female flower completely consume the male stem as the entire form transforms into a winged monster and carries away its prey.

This surreal cartoon is truly unlike anything ever portrayed on screen before. Pink Floyd was always ahead of the curb on bringing the avant-garde art into Rock and Roll.  This surreal cartoon sequence is truly one of the great under appreciated syntheses of artistry.  The vast majority of movie watchers simply “don’t get it” and it’s probably for this reason that nothing of the like has since been produced.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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