Trump meets Pakistani Prime Minister!!!

Pakistani Prime Minister steps foot on US soil to negotiate talks with Trump for the first time: A staggering amount of 30,000 Pakistani-Americans rise to the occasion, filling up Capital One Arena in Washington DC.

Prime Minister

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan makes headlines on his first Official US visit. He visited US for a meeting with US President Donald Trump. This meeting held on Monday, the 23rd of July brought many points to the table to which US President obliged.

Talks on ending the Afghan war, Kashmir mediation and expanding trade in Pakistan by at least 10 – 20 times the current amount. All paved way into making this meeting a huge success and bandaging US-Pak past relations.

Trump states Relations with Pakistan are much better today than before in the meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.



US Prime Minister Donald Trump offers to intervene in the dispute between Pakistan and India. Prime Minister Imran Khan expresses his failed attempts to start a dialogue with India on this matter. Trump mentioned that the Indian Prime Minister asked him to be the mediator of Kashmir dispute. However, India’s ministry of external affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar denied it. He said no such request was made by the Indian Prime Minister.


The US President claims that he can finish the war in a week but he is against mass killing. His 10 day plan of ending the war would result in the death of 10 million innocent people. Furthermore, he does not wish to demolish the country.

There are high hopes from the US President to convince Taliban to talk with Afghan government. As a result of which political solution can be achieved for this matter.


Trump stated that he is willing to invest in Pakistan as he sees great trade opportunities there. Current plans suggest that trade in Pakistan will improve by 1020 times. Trump stressed that lack of trade opportunities had been explored between the two countries. This hints at good trade relations on the future between the two countries in the near future.

Chief of armed Staff Gen Qamar Jawed Bhajwa and Inter-Services Intelligence chief LT Gen Faiz Hameed also arrived at the White House for delegation level talks while the US President and Pakistani Prime Minister addressed the media.

US Senator Lindsey Graham, tweets:

“Great meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.”

“In my opinion he and his government represent the best opportunity in decades to have a beneficial strategic relationship the US. This will help us secure Afghanistan and the region long-term.”



In the earlier years, US suspended most of the aid it provided to Pakistan for its military, worth $300 million. This event took place after Trump accused Pakistan of not doing enough to fight in their country.

Imran Khan has been working towards removing his countries name from the Financial Action Task Force list. The reason for this is being uncooperative in combating money laundering. Analyst stated that this has cost the Pakistani economy an estimate of $10 billion.

Additionally, Pakistan is now on a watch-list for not supporting religious minorities.

The meeting this Monday between Trump and the Pakistani Prime Minister served as a golden opportunity for Imran Khan to negotiate talks and improve relations the all mighty US Government.


Written by Hira Fatima

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