Jackie Chan Cult Begins A Kung Fu Spiritual Awakening!

The Jackie Chan cult has taken the internet by storm!! Here we’ve found all of the Jackie icons and brought them into one single buzzcult for you to worship.  

Let the power of Jackie Chan cleanse your thoughts of all negativity.

2. Just a normal everyday guy like you and I

Chinese Kung Fu Master

3.  Drunken Master like back in High School.

3. Drunken Master Kung Fu

By ParisVasiliadis

4. He never rocked the limit, but they always pushed him over the limit.  

 Kung Fu Master in one of his movies

Jackie Chan – The drunken master


5. Yes Man! Jackie Chan!

This amazing sketch of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan – Bruce Lee Tribute

6. He is known for his natural good looks.

7.Nothing Like the Common Mortal

8. The Cult-Like Auora of a Kung Fu Master


9. Jackie Trans

Jackie Trans

10. The man is money!

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