21 Royal Celebrity Portraits: Famous People Are Modern Day Nobility

Capitalism is a new religion and these celebrity portraits prove our adherence to a new social order.

Even though modern capitalism has brought about the freest and most just society in the history of mankind; it still obeys certain principles.  One of the principles that modern capitalism follows is hierarchy.  Since capitalism directly succeeded the end of feudal society (where people were ruled by kings and lords) we now are ruled by CEO’s, Presidents & Managers.  Capitalism never got rid of the old hierarchy.  Instead it assumed the old hierarchy and reformulated it to where the highest echelons of society were now those who accumulated the most wealth through their activity.  Here we celebrate the noble casts of our highest beneficiaries of societies vital resources.  All Hail The Machine!!!

1.  Squire. Mr.T:  actor and noble squire of action television.  He pity’s all fools who cross his path. $1.5 million

2. Sir Dave Grohl American singer, songwriter, musician and director. He is beloved across the globe for his power of song. He doth sing lead vocals and stay his might against the rhythm guitar.  His noble banner is that of the Foo Fighters. $280 million.

Dave Grohl Via Society 6

3.  Squire Patrick Swayze,  Leading Man & Hollywood Actor, Master dancer, Pop-Culture icon & Sex Symbol of the 80’s. All Hail is Grace Swayze. $40 million

Patrick Swayze Via Society 6

4.  Squire. Burt Reynolds The Great. Master of Television acting and Sex God of the Silver screen.  May his bare man chest reign forever in heaven. $3 million.

Famous celebrity portraits as soldiers
Burt Reynolds Via Society 6

5. Sir Clint Eastwood, Hero of the Spaghetti Western Noble War hero and Veteran Of Hollywood. He has fought many years in the great war of entertainment. $375 million


Clint Eastwood Via society 6

6. Sir Hugh Jackman, Known for his heroism portraying the great Wolverine.  His noble standard is under that of the X-men for his many years of service to the franchise fiefdom. $100 million.


Hugh Jackman via society 6

7. His Noble Bad Ass Sir. Samuel L. Jackson, Bad Ass Motherfucker and master of the passive tough guy.  $220 million

Samuel L Jackson via Society 6

8. Squire Tim Minchin, comedian, actor and artist. His oratory skills are known across Australia and beyond.  $3 million

Celebraity as soldiers Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin Via society 6

9. Sir. Tom Jones for his service to lounge music and Las Vegas events everywhere.  His blood sweat and tears have fought to entertain millions the world over.  $300 million.

Tom Jones Via Society 6

10.  Neil Armstrong Great Space Lord of and First man to set foot on the surface of the moon.


Neil Armostrong via Society 6

11. Sir. Eddy Murphy, Knight of supreme Comedy.  Hero of SNL and all around funny man.  $120 million

Eddie Murphy via society 6

12. Squire Dog, for his reality television reach and his ability to entertain millions of fans around the capitalist nation of America. $6 million

Dog the bounty hunter via society 6

13. Squire Christopher Walken, actor extraordinaire. $50 million.


Christopher Walken via society 6

14. Supreme Emperor Donald Trump, Ruler of the 50 Kingdoms of America, Real Estate Mogul & High Lord of Commercial Development & All star reality television.  Slogan: “You’re Fired”

Hails under the trump banner. $3.7 Billion


Donald Trump Via Society 6

15. Squire Patrick Steward.  Captain Jean Luc Piccard of the great exploration vessel the Starship Enterprise. Master of changing face in the great perfection in the skill of acting.  $70 million

Patrick Stewart via society 6

16. Lord George Lucas, supreme ruler of the star wars universe.  Highest member of the Jedi council and hero to all fan geeks the world over.  $6 billion

George Lucas via Society 6

17. Squire Jason Momoa of the DC universe. $14 million.

Jason Momoa via society 6

18.  His supreme Lord of British Comedy Ricky Gervais. $118 million.

Ricky Gervais via society 6

19. Sir Morgan Freeman, the man with the voice of velvet.  Narrator extraordinaire, supreme actor and nobleman.  $200 million



Famous Celebrity portrait

Morgan Freeman via society 6

20. His Noble Pretty boy Sir Brad Bit, Knight of the chiseled abs.  $300 million

Brad Pit Via Society 6

21. Sir Robert Downey Jr. Man of Iron

Robert Downey Jr. via society 6

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