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Amazon Fire Runs Havoc Across Brazil: See These Horrifying Images

OMG! Amazon fire!  Tell me my god is there anything so dastardly and unholy as vast swaths of tropical wonderland being burned to the ground?  We are in the end times, my Monkey Comrades.  Here are some of the tweets that depict the devastating horror.

Amazon Fire


Thousands of exotic plants and animals have lost their lives due to the massive flames engulfing them into the fire.  Cute little baby monkeys,  tiny bird nests that couldn’t hatch in time and not to mention the most beautiful plant life burned in the name of a fundamentalist pro-capitalist tirade.


monkeys in the amazon huddle together


Members of some G7 community labeled the Amazon fire as an Ecocide.

RT twitter feed


An area the size of a football field burns every minute. 

This staggering deforestation has wrought havoc across the Amazon basin.

The flames are so high that the smoke can be seen from space.

Amazon fire

The first was started because of a pro Capitalist policy by Brazils government to increase grazing ground for the nations livestock.

Clearly, the short terms economics gains will not outpace the long-term liability of losing the forest.  Amazon fire

20% of the world’s oxygen comes from the rainforest. There is almost no visibility except for the smoke.


The amazon is the sanctuary to enumerable biodiversity.  That is that the speciation of animals who call it home is extreme.  You’re not only destroying the vital oxygen-producing ecosystem but you are displacing these animals themselves.  Think before you burn.  Doing what not in the name of Capitalism.  Cataloging a tropical forest is so far beyond our ability.  The disappearance of a tropical forest is a tragedy beyond human conception.  Today in the name of Capitalist predation we are all caught in the whirlwind of this resurgent updraft of Capitalist stupidity.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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