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Art Critic Jerry Saltz Goes On Woke Instagram Rant

We love to critique art here.  One of my favorite art critics is, Jerry Saltz. This guy is one of the quintessential art critics of our modern era.  He’s active on a broad array of social platforms from Instagram to Twitter.  Because of his online presence he has been able to engage an online generation with discussions on fine art.  However his views tend to stray sometimes from discussions about pure art. That’s because he is always judging art behind a veneer of left wing political ideology.  In one instance Jerry Saltz Instagram blew up with a tirade of typical left wing style rants.

The Jerry Saltz Instagram Frenzy all started with this post. The art piece is by the Artist Anthony Christian and it is called:  “Self-Portrait With My Model”


Jerry Saltz Instagra Girl
Burrito Mussolini Iphone Screenshot of Jerry Saltz Instagram

Here is what his Instagram post text read:

Jerry Saltz Instagram rant ANthony Christian
Burrito Mussolini Iphone Screenshot

Why does he call the work of this artist, Anthony Christian, “Out of control sexism.”  

It’s weird how the first thing that triggers Jerry is the Title of the art.  Before he brings up any visual elements of this art form, he goes right for the Title and calls it sexist.  The reason he calls it sexist is because in the title “Self-Portrait With My Model” he uses the possessive “My.” 

What kind of art critic uses ad hominem to describe a work of art?

He doesn’t just criticize him, he out right insults the man saying:
  “Mr. Christian should paint himself as naked while a woman artist paints him and his pert little dick.”   

A lot of his remarks have a some-what anti-man tone to them.  It’s as if he suffers from a sort of male self-loathing.

Jerry Saltz Instagram
Burrito Mussolini Iphone Screen Shot


It’s weird how in this post, he is poetically saying “men have tiny minds.” 

At least that is how I interpret it.  I could be wrong through.  Let me say this though. If we take the comment in context and dissect every prose, I can say definitely, there isn’t a section of it that paints men in any positive light.  Is this a slip of the Freud? Are we seeing into the mental image of this man?


In a speech he gave that was Posted on the Chicago Humanities Festival youtube.  He declared a anti-masculine arbitration to be carried out in all Museums:

“Try this as a possibility.  For the next 5 years we have a moratorium. 

We call it “Lying In Fallow,”

No man show in museums or galleries for 5 years.  

You only show women, or artists of color.  That’s it.”

It looked like, from the comments, that people were calling him out. So he issued an apology:



Well to me, at least, it did seem a little unprofessional to come out at the artist, Anthony Christian, to make fun of his pert little dick” and to say that his art is “sexism.”  But Jerry Saltz is a highly respected art critic.  I think that if you cut through a lot of his Liberal ideology fluff, you find someone who really understands art and beauty.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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