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Hasan Piker Twitch “America Deserved 9/11” Rant Trigger Warning

hasan piker twitch chanel
Via Youtube Screenshot
   Hasan Piker is a left-wing pundit for the notoriously infamous Young Turks Propaganda news show.   He recently went off the handle on a Twitch live stream and opened up about his pro-terrorist sympathizing in a weird off-handed rant.

  What triggered Hasan you ask? Watch the video here

None other than Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw.   Crenshaw is a former Navy Seal who lost his eye due to an IED.  Hasan, however, decided that this seemed to be the best subject as ever to pick on the guy about. Here is what he had to say:

image of dan crenshaw from my youtube
via youtube screenshot

 “What the fuck is wrong with this dude?” said Piker. “What the fuck? What the fuck is wrong with this dude? Didn’t he go to war and like literally lose his eye because some mujahideen, a brave fucking soldier fucked his eye hole with their dick?” Piker then goes on to say…. “America deserved 9/11.”

Since the incident, Hasan Pikers Twitch account has been banned.  He’s also been asked by his Uncle Cenk Uyger to apologize for his senseless joke.  Cenk Uyger is also one of the senior political commentators for the Young Turks.  So this incident has had resonating effects that have carried over into Hasan’s Young Turks career.

Hasan has since come out and stated that the joke about 9/11 was ‘inappropriate.’ The damage, however, is already done.  Twitch has not announced any plans to re-instate Hasan’s profile.

There is a possibility though that he could be allowed back onto the platform.  He was banned back in July 2019 for driving while live streaming.  That is to say, this is not his first time being banned.  So this incident brings to question a lot of matters: Is this a matter of free speech?   Should he be allowed back onto twitch after this rant?  We’ll have to wait and see.


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