How Toxic Masculinity Reacts To Feminine Art Installation

The Instagram artist K8klingbeil perched on the second story of her Brooklyn art studio and watched tentatively. There at the foot of the building lay one of her massive life-sized sculptures; a feminine effigy figure. The artist watched and observed as passersby interacted with her art piece.  Little did she know she would soon witness how toxic masculinity reacts to feminine art.

 A Feminine Effigy Figure For the Mana Contemporary

This feminine sculpture shows gets sullied by toxic masculinity
k8lingbeil instagram

“Maybe She’s Born With It” is the name of the sculpture. That’s because it depicts a Goddess growing out from the earth.  Worshippers dance about her naked body.  K8klingbeil worked with the artist lilmeggyc to make this art piece.

    The artist writes:  “I can’t help but think of the grassy mounds at waste management near where I grew up in Wisconsin.  Big green lumps that seemed too perfect to be real.  I later learned that they were actually filled with garbage, methane vents dotting the sod for the putrid gas to leak from.  I dreamt of rolling all the way down them.  beauty can rise from the dead.  I know making this game more life than I came into it with.”

  These male passersby show how toxic masculinity works

While running her experiment male passersby interacted with the sculpture.  Needless to say, some of their reactions were highly inappropriate.  One of them took the figures head and stuck his crotch right into its face.  This inert female form is helpless.  It is very odd to have it instantly stuffed up against a mans pants.


Another passerby felt the need to touch the breasts of the female effigy.  Instantly he grabs the breasts. It is as if he is compelled by some inner demon.


How toxic masculinity functions seems to manifest entirely based on given circumstances.  We know that it is there. Since it’s an unconscious bias there is really no telling how some people will enact it.  This artists experiment was highly unusual and gave us only a minute glimpse.

Written by Emilie Wasser

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