People Who Knew Knife Wielding Aaron Hong Speak Out Online After He Was Shot Dead

“We only had one heart-to-heart kind of talk, and he helped me talk out a lot of the stress and suicidal thoughts I was having. He never told me he was experiencing similar thoughts, and I regret not talking to him more and being more involved in his welfare.
Concerning his death, it was a shock to me. I wish I did, but I had no way of knowing he was going to hurt himself.”  

                                                          -Caleb (Aarons Roommate)


Police footage showing Aaron Hong trying to wrestle a gun from an offer
Footage Via Athens Georgia police dept.

On July 2 2019 a knife wielding Aaron Hong was shot dead in Athens Georgia.  Athens-Clark-County Police Department released body cam footage that showed, first hand, how the drama unfolded that day.

The investigation stated that officers were called to River Club Apartments over a disturbance.  Both videos that were released came from cameras worn by both the officers who were involved.

After they exit the car Hong can be seen wearing a yellow t-shirt with blood dripping on it and dark pants.  He wields a butcher knife as he slowly advances toward the officers.



The officer can be heard yelling to Hong, “Put the knife down! We can help you! Don’t do it! Please, sir! We can help you!”

Despite the officers plea Hong continues his advancement on the officers.  As he continues to move towards the officers, Hong is heard yelling in response, “Do it!

Hong charges once the officers are backed up all the way to the highway.  Shots are fired and Hong falls to the ground in mortal agony, but he quickly gets back up.  As he gets back to his feet the police attempt to use non-lethal force but by then it’s too late.  He gets a hold on one of the officers and starts going for the gun.

be heard yeOne of the officers canlling No! No! No!” As he takes aim of Hong and fires his gun repeatedly at him until he falls to the ground.

Hong died on the spot.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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