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A disabled teenager’s death leaves many questions unanswered!

15 year old, Nora Quoirin disappeared on August 4 from the luxury holiday cottage. What followed was 10 agonizing days of desperation, despair and heartbreaking struggle to find the teenager with a disability in the immense, thick jungle. The reason behind this innocent teenager’s death is still unknown.

“So there is no reason why she would leave the lodge in the night, almost naked. There is no previous episode in her life to suggest she might do something like this.” – Mr. Morel


teenager's death
Taken from Instagram @anitaard_saga

The family initially assumed that she was abducted. But the police thought she had jumped out of the window and got lost in the tropical rainforest.

Mohamad Mat Yusop, the state police chief, said:

“The cause of death was upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to the duodenal ulcer, complicated with perforation … it could be due to a lack of food for a long period and due to prolonged stress.”

teenager's death
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Nora had a smaller than average brain and was extremely dependent on her parents. Having been born with Patau’s syndrome, or holoprosencephaly, she struggled to complete everyday tasks. Her speech and walking ability was very limited.

Keeping all these facts in mind, it’s extremely unlikely that she would walk through the lodge all alone. Nora’s naked body was found on Tuesday, 1.6-miles away from the place where she was staying.

Nora’s uncle Pacome Quoirin added;

“How could she have survived for five days in the jungle without food or water if you believe the theory that she left the hotel on her own? We remain very dubious.”

Post-mortem reports reveal that she had died two to four days earlier. The question is that if she was in the jungle, she would have been found during the 10-day search.

The place where she was found was also thoroughly searched by rescue teams during the first seven days of her disappearance. Police have not been able to explain the reason behind the teenager’s death.

Nora’s Grandfather Sylvain Quoirin said;

“Even the place where she was found, two kilometers from the resort, it’s very strange that she could go there by herself alone, so we cannot exclude the criminal hypothesis.”

While the police and a team of volunteers did search every day in the dense jungle, another question arises. Why were the thermal imaging drones only used on the sixth day of her disappearance?

Let’s hope to find out what’s behind this innocent teenager’s death soon!

Written by Hira Fatima

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