Cheetos Fashion Show Displays a Cult Aesthetic

The Cheetos fashion show is a symbol of the coming capitalism apocalypse. That’s because they’re a Chip company. Them doing a fashion show has nothing to do with the food industry. Let me explain.  Last week Cheetos, which is a subsidiary of Frito-Lay, expanded their brand’s image into New York Fashion Week.  Now that might seem all fine and dandy but pay close attention to what is going on here.

Cheetos fasion show
image via instagram

 The Cheetos Fashion show is a capitalist venture.

You’ve got to give Cheetos credit for pushing the envelope a bit.  Even though it was all for the money. Don’t be fooled by the multi-racial cast of models. This was the kind of diversity that is artificially shoehorned into commercials. None of these characters fit the profile for Cheetos target consumer namely couch ridden neck-beards.

It’s clear that corporations us their ‘wokeness‘ to catch people off guard and subliminally advertise to them.  This wasn’t a social statement.  This was a Cheetos Fashion show by God.  By Frito-Lay none-the-less.  There may be diversity but don’t forget, this was all about the bottom-line: fulfilling a Capitalist agenda.

Anyway, this clan of pretentious models strolls out onto the catwalk like your a-typical fashion show.  Only this wasn’t your average fashion show. It was a Cheetos Fashion Show.  This means that everything that the models wore was carefully selected to be stylized along the lines of the Cheetos brand image.  The attire was so avant-garde in a black and orange fashion that you’d think you’d found the Cheetos aisle at Safeway.

 “We took inspiration from our fans,” Said Brandi Ray a representative of Frito-Lay America.   By fans, she should have said people dying from diabetes.

The team at Cheetos carefully crafted the entire Cheetos fashion show for brand image.

Cheetos cat walk
Cheetos instagram


Every detail was scrutinized over by the cast and crew.  Everything down to the color of the makeup brushes.

Orange was the new black and so was black.  These are the colors of the Cheetos brand.  Therefore they were on display everywhere during the event.  It was an excellent marketing strategy and a way to help the brand appeal to a new generation of Chip lovers.

There were bags of Cheetos all over the place.  It was a neck-beards paradise.

image via toya marshall instagram

The outfits were hella fresh. The visual consistency was top notch.   This writer thinks that the Haut-couture Cheetos fashion show was a success.  The cast and crew did an outstanding job.  Nobody would have known that Cheetos was a chip brand with this display alone.  That is to say if it wasn’t for all the bags of chips lying around.

As for going back to chips however, WebMD still rates Cheetos as one of the 10 most unhealthy snacks. I think the brand should keep going in the fashion direction.  One thing is for sure though; Cheetos is not just for neck-beards playing MMORPG’s.

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