New Army Uniforms Throwback to the World War II Era Signature Style

The new Army uniforms are set to roll out.  Their old “blues” uniforms are going to retire as the standard, that is, except for formal occasions.  Now as for the new army uniforms they’ve dialed back the clock.  A more army signature “pinks and greens” uniform will be official in 2020. Pinks and greens are the uniforms that were worn during the World War II era.

The idea was adamantly expressed by Sgt. Major Dan Dailey in a recent interview about the switch.  “These new uniforms resonate with American history,” he said. It was a time in history when the country was very strong.  Likewise, people can connect with the image and feel a connection to that sense of heritage and appreciate the

The New Army Uniforms return to World War II era Style


New Army Uniforms
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The new army uniforms are called “pinks and greens.”  Pink refers to the soldiers face and green refers to the actual uniform itself. It resonates with people to connect once again to a time when the country was more together.  As for the new politically correct atmosphere, it’s not yet clear if this terminology will be offensive or not.  Not all of the American soldiers are “pink.”  However, as a throwback I think that a lot of people are going to be relaxed about it.

World War II era new army uniform

World War II was a time when the outcome of global events was uncertain.  Fascism, as well as imperialism, was on the rise.  Therefore, America as a country needed to find its soul together or be consumed by the forces of evil.  Luckily the American spirit overcame the great hardship of the war.


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