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IT Chapter 2 Pennywise the Clown Toy Unboxing

  It Chapter 2 was released into movie theaters this week let loose like the ravenous wild beast of insanity that it is.  It was a pure space trip to be quite frank.  Far better than the original series and much more gory and terrifying than the first installment.  It’s been hailed as one of the bloodiest horror movies that the world has ever seen.  Pennywise himself is an equally morbid and terrifying figure to have ever coaxed into the pop ionosphere.  In It Chapter 2  Pennywise the dancing clown gets to destroy the box office.
       I’d have to say that I’ve become rather wary of reboots these days.  Hollywoods loss of its creative juices has spurred on a series of underwhelming remakes that only further emancipate us from source materials.  The avant-garde age of films is certainly at a loss here.  With superhero CGI  cacophony & endless shoehorning of minorities into mundane roles as a device to sell tickets we’re most certainly witnessing the down spiral of Hollywood’s stranglehold over the ideology proper. But Reboots aren’t the death of our culture mind you.  Reboots are but a new beginning.
     Reboots mean that the avant-garde or age of rapid experimentation is tapering off into something that more or less resembles a solidified social monolith. something that may allow more robust stable cultural artifacts to blossom.  It may possibly be the end of post-modernism as we know it.

  IT Chapter 2 Pennywise Toy Unboxing and Pop-Pantheon Idol Worship

   Action figures are to the American ethos as the idols Murti statues are to the ancient Vedic traditions of the Brahmanic Hindus.  These toys and fetish icon commodities that permeate with the very source of American spirituality.  Our nation is not founded on Christianity, not Islam, Judaism or Hinduism.  Our country is founded on Money.  Money is the one true God of this age. The age of the bat. And The running American mythos is formulated by the market economy and it divulges its theology into the body of these action figures.  We’ve for so long thought the Gods were silent among our secular world.  Yet they crept up on us through our blind spots. Unable to escape, we’ve brought with us the Universal archetypes which have since haunted the collective unconscious from the stone age. We may count Pennywise the clown among the Gods of the pop-culture pantheon.  We’ve adopted the pop-culture pantheon as the hegemonic national religion in the same way as the Romans adopted Hellenism.

Written by Emilie Wasser

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