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Little Tykes Cozy Kid Car Comes Adult Sized and is Street Legal

Little tykes cozy kid car

 The Little Tykes Cozy Kid Car is now for adults!

Remember those bright red and yellow little tykes plastic kids cars?  Now an adult-sized street-legal Little Tikes kid car is for sale.   You won’t find this in a dealership, however.  It’s on special order.

The adult version of the kids car is the exact same model as the child’s version. It’s bright red and yellow with huge empty windows with no glass and an engine (so you don’t have to use your feet).

This Little Tykes cozy Kid car was made at a custom car shop called Attitude Autos. BBC featured it back in 2013 and since then the video of the car has gone viral.  It is seen at charity events all over the UK.

 “We have managed to raise a substantial amount of money for children’s charities with the Crazy Coupe,” said one of the spokesmen. ‘So it’s potential in the right hands could be quite phenomenal.”

According to the makers the car took 16 weeks to create.  It was molded out of Daewoo Matiz.   This street-legal Little Tykes Car can go as fast as 70mph. With two seats and manual drive, it’s been listed at upwards of around $46,000.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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