T.G.I.M Thank God It’s Monday: (19 Photos) to Get You Through the Day

1)This Clothes Iron underside makes you look like an Alien


2)Llama threesome plus Doggo

Monday dog getting humped

3)Thank God It’s Monday Breakfast. Meal of the Working-Class

Thank God its monday breakfast

4)Seems legit enough


5) The Contractor who installed these mailboxes also doubled as an abstract artist

6) Technically it’s still a pepperoni pizza.  It is just not too specific on the amount of pepperoni.


7) The Garage. Where all Jedi Masters come to deflate.

8) The perfect contraption against refrigerator thievery.

9) or Honk if you’re Horny

10) The door printer wasn’t working right on that day.

11) A true hero.

12) Quick! To the “Working-class” mobile!

13) The image of Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty still haunts me

14) Let’s get off in this dumpster.

15) Is it just me or does flirting in China seem way more fun?


16) Up yours too Church!




17) Singing the Monday blues on an 8 Pack that could have been a 9 pack

Thank God It's Monday

18) Master “Baters” of the Universe

19) This first-person shooter Halo Oil Painting

Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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