Art Basel Banana Taped to Wall Used the Magic of Controversy to Reach the Market

The art basel banana taped to the wall has become internet infamous.  We don’t know exactly if it actually has sold for $120,000, that’s debatable.  But, when it comes to the flagrant spending in the art world subtly of this sort is no nuance.

To be quite frank, I couldn’t think that this stupid banana at art Basel could come at a worse time. The majority of people are barely scraping at the heels of the well-off classes to make a meager living. Why do they have to go and do this?  A banana taped to a wall for $120,000 is an abuse of money! Is this the contemporary way that the noble lords of Capitalism tell us, working-class people, to “go eat some cake?”

The Art Basel Banana In Question

art basel banana duct taped

Its official title is, “Comedian.” It is a banana from a grocery store and a piece of duct tape. That is it.  The gallery’s founder, Emmanual Perrotin, said to CNN:  Bananas are “a symbol of global trade, a double entendre, as well as a classic device for humor. vehicles of both delight and critique.”

This sounds like flagrant pomposity and arrogant hot air to me! Bourgeoisie talk that’s so outside the scope of what the common folk working-class individual experience. $120,000 for a F***ing Banana!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me.  This proves exactly how diluted and out of touch the art world (rich people) are.

The Banana in question couldn’t have come at a worse time.  We live in the end times.  People have no faith in the system anymore.  There is a wealth gap that divides the rulers from the ruled.  To me, this Banana evinces the sheer delusion on the part of the Bourgeoisie. So these are the people to whom we entrust the meritocracy of capitalism?  The people who spend $120,000 on a banana?

The Art Basel Banana taped to a wall comes at a time when people are losing faith in the system. It comes at a time when the wealth gap has caused a divide so vast it sends society spiraling off into the abyss. To me, this banana evinces the same amount of delusion to perplexity in the exact way of the aristocrats before the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette, when she was told about the desperate plight of the common folk not even being able to afford bread she was said: “Let them eat cake.”

What should we do about the Banana Duct-Taped to A Wall in the room?

This $120,000 banana duct-taped to a wall leaves an empty feeling in my gut.  Somebody is failing all of mankind here and it’s not the artist Maurizio Catalan.

To me, the working-class people should become entirely skeptical when they’ve told monetary gain comes at hard work and grit.  How can we believe in the tenants of capitalism after this? We distribute resources vital to living based on the hard work in dedication to perfection, ingenuity, and progress? These are supposed to be the tenants that merit a $120,000 endowment. So we think.

What can you buy with $120,000 instead of a rotten banana duct-taped to a wall?

A lot of things come to mind here. Mainly because of the fact that $120,000 itself is a significant chunk of change.  Most people don’t make that annually. To think that it’s been thrown away on something when it could have been put to better use makes me sick. Here are some things that $120,000 could have bought:
paid off one student loan payment

pay rent for a year to 6 low-income families.

Feed hundreds of people

Pay off one student loan debt and bring somebody out of debt bondage

Was Marx, right? Is the Bourgeoisie digging its own grave? We’re entering a new era where revolution and total societal immolation is a whisper away.  To think that a banana taped to a wall could command such an amount of money is offensive. Especially in the extreme wealth inequality that’s become of our degrading society.  It may not be anything to note now, but it’s definitely stoking the flames of the fire.

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