Gweneth Paltrows GOOP Cult Branding Techniques

The internet is abuzz with the scent of Gwyneth Paltrows Vagina Scented Candles.  The question that it has people asking the most is what does her vagina candle smell like?



People are of the given opinion that there might be a somewhat fishy smell to the vagina candle.


What does Gwenyth Paltrows Vagina Candle Smell like?
Kevin Reamore via Twitter



Smells something like getting smacked in the face by a 15 lb. Trout



Gwenyth Paltrow Vagina Candle
KayDeeEm via Twitter


When people were asked what they thought Gwneyth Paltorws Vagina Candle Smelled Like people had to say:


“Gross, just plain gross. I don’t even take this question seriously!”

-Mama Poo vis Reddit


“It wouldn’t smell like vagina, but your best bet would probably be to find a skin musk scent that smelled like sweaty or salty, or a mixing a musk fragrance oil with a touch of salty scent. I’m not sure they make those fragrances for candles.  But it’s a common perfume note.  It would probably end up just smelling similar to skin or body odor, but I don’t think many places care to make scents based on genitals.”

-Stinky Kitty Breath via Reddit


“There’s something totally unsexy about a vagina-scented candle, a tad too medical methinks. Back in the day it was warm and fuzzy and purred like a kitten.”

-J. Williams via Twitter

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