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Black Magic is the use of evil or selfishness against another human being. It can negatively affect the receiver and cause unwarranted trouble. If you believe you have been placed under a curse or black magic, do not automatically move to a place of fear and worry. Although black magic can be harmful, it can also be removed as well as reflected back to the sender. Let’s take things one step at a time- How can you tell if you have been placed under a black magic spell? There are quite a few symptoms one may begin to notice.

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Black Magic Symptoms

(While physical/mental health issues should not go unnoticed, it may be time to contact a spiritual healer if symptoms seem unnatural, unexplainable or unremedied after consulting a doctor)

  • Unusual or excessive amounts of jealousy
  • Constant anxiety, suicidal thoughts, desire to leave everything behind
  • Unhappiness in times of happy or energizing moments, Depression
  • Continuing illness or sudden death of a loved one
  • Loss of a child
  • Unexplained anger, irritability or mood swings
  • Multiple miscarriages
  • Inability to sleep or excess amounts of sleep
  • Extremely irregular menstrual cycles in women
  • Loss of memory
  • Paranoia
  • Excessive use of drugs, alcohol & violence
  • Changes to the appearance such as greyed eyes, skin conditions, rapid weight loss/gain

Other Ways Black Magic May Affect You

Curses and black witchcraft can also poorly affect your everyday life in a variety of ways. Just a few effects include bad luck, constant fear, unhealthy relationships and financial hardships. One may also find themselves feeling controlled or unable to make the desired change. A curse can affect any specific area of your life and become an emotional hardship. As humans we are extremely vulnerable to negative energy and protection is absolutely necessary.

So how exactly can you get rid of a black magic spell or curse? There are various ways to remove and send a curse back to back to the sender. It ultimately is up to you to decide which technique you are most comfortable with. An effortless way to protect yourself from the black magic is through the use of crystals. A few specific stones will be excellent in blocking and protecting you from any negativity that is being thrown your way.


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Black Tourmaline

Pure black stones will be the most beneficial for this scenario. Black Obsidian, Hematite and Black Tourmaline are the powerful protection stones and will ensure a block between yourself and any black magic coming your way. Black Tourmaline offers the strongest protection against any negative energy. Pair Black Tourmaline with Bronzite to block black magic and send it back to the sender. This combination is highly recommended. Malachite and Smoky Quartz provide heavy negativity absorption. They will quickly absorb any negative energy or curse like spells that are cast on you. Be sure to use Malachite in small doses as it is extremely powerful and could drain you of positive energy as well.

If you decide to use crystals, be sure to cleanse them frequently. Especially the energy absorbing stones. Since they will be in contact with excessive amounts of evil magic it is important to keep them cleansed. This can be easily done by placing them in dry sea salt, moving them through sage smoke or placing them next to Selenite (a stone that cleanses other stones, but does not itself need cleansing). These crystals can be kept on you at all times in your pockets or even worn as jewelry. Be sure to set an intention of what you would like the stones to work on before using them. This can be as simple as saying “This crystal will protect me from negativity and remove any black magic being sent my way”.

Certain tools and colors can also be helpful for black magic removal spells and rituals. Having the necessary tools will be beneficial for putting together a simple spell or ritual.

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Black magic removal tools

  • Crystals
  • Mirrors
    • Specifically a Bagua mirror for deflecting negativity
      Convex and Concave Bagua Mirrors in Feng Shui
            Bagua Mirror
      • Bagua mirrors should be placed outside of the home or facing out of a window
    • Mirrors also reflect black magic to the sender
  • Black candles
    • Black offers heavy protection
  • White candles
    • White is the color of purity and offers to cleanse
  • Black salt
    • Easily make black salt by combining kosher or sea salt with black pepper or ashes from a fire. Place this mixture under the waning crescent to charge and set an intention over it for best results
    • This can be carried with you or sprinkled at entrance points of your home to prevent black magic from entering
  • Smudging tools such as sage, bay leaves, palo santo, etc. These herbs rid a space of negativity and add protection.
    • If you are sensitive to the smoke of these herbs, you may use essential oils such as Rosemary oil and Patchouli oil. Incense also works in place of the actual herb itself.
  • Cauldron or smudging bowl to burn herbs or other items in. An Abalone shell works just fine for this.

Here is a simple black magic removal ritual you can perform with a few of the above tools-

(You will also need paper, pen and a lighter)


Black Magic Removal Ritual


  1. Start by smudging your space with a cleansing and protective herb. Before smudging light the herb while saying “I allow this herb to clear any negativity from this space and myself. I allow it to provide protection from any negative energy coming my way”
  2. Smudge the herb in a clockwise direction in every corner of the space. Then continue to smudge around your body from head to toe.
  3. Place the black salt in a circle surrounding your altar or place of work and call upon spirit or the universe to protect you. Be sure to show gratitude towards whatever it is you are calling upon.
  4. Set your altar with a black candle and a white candle. Make sure to get small ones as you will need them to burn completely before closing the ritual. Also set the altar with any crystals you find fit. This is a great time to place Black Tourmaline and Bronzite together.
  5. Again, set an intention over the candles before lighting them. Make sure their duty is known as protecting and cleansing you and your space.

Beginning the Ritual

  1. Once your candles are lit begin a quick meditation to clear your mind. Keep your intention in mind while doing so. Meditate for as long as you need.
  2. Now grab your paper and begin to write the following- “I do not allow negative energy near my space. Any outside negativity coming my way is not welcome here. By burning this paper I am banishing any curse or evil magic being sent to me from an outside source”. Repeat this out loud and place the paper in your cauldron. Begin to light the paper on fire and allow it to burn completely.
  3. After the paper has completely burned, finish the ritual with a meditation until the candles are completely extinguished. During this meditation allow only love and light to enter your space.
  4. Finish the ritual by thanking your deities or the universe for protection and allow them to leave. Make it known that you are closing the ritual and that it is complete.

This is a very simple ritual that you may follow or use as a template to create your own. The effects of black magic can be detrimental to your mind, body and soul. Just remember that you are powerful. You have control of your life and the ability to remove anything that is unwanted.

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