5 minute Meditation
for Busy Professionals


Who has time to meditate anymore?  Life is business and time is money! Day-to-day life is a constant forward motion, therefore it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself.  For business owners or high octane executive positions workload often times snuffs out any possibility for you to get time to unwind.  Believe it or not, however, taking time for yourself will actually help you to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.  Guided meditation is one of the most effective ways for busy people to optimize their mind.  With just a few minutes of meditation per day busy professionals will find greater mental clarity, higher levels of focus, emotional serenity and calm.  Working yourself into a frenzy day to day will eventually lead to burnout.  

meditation can help busy professionals prevent burnout!

Reduces Stress & anxieTY

Stress causes increased hormone cortisol. Meditation has been found to decrease stress. 

Increase focus and Concentration

It teaches you to focus on the present moment, which means you can more effectively tune out unhelpful distractions and complete the tasks in front of you. This improved focus leads to better prioritizing and decision-making both at work and in life.


Meditation can help to raise your emotional IQ. Parts of the brain associated with emotional health grew in people who meditated while anxiety portion of the brain shrunk.

Improves your Physical Health

Meditation is linked to many physical benefits such as pain relief, lower oxygen consumption and decreased respiratory rate.

Why is Guided Meditation for Busy People so Important?

Stress has a terrible effect on your mind.  For busy people, focus is important for prioritizing and planning.  When someone is under a lot of stress the mind can get out of control.  Meditation allows professionals to prevent their minds from spiraling wildly out of control.  In this way then meditation allows professionals to manage themselves and their feelings to be even more effective at work.  

  Guided meditation for busy people is one of many effective ways to promote the calming and quieting of the mind.  Meditation can help you no matter how insane your business schedule seems.  This meditation method works best because of the external guidance allows busy professionals not to have to rely on themselves in developing the new skill of meditation.  Here the method is already there for you.