The Son of Sam David Berkowitz Satanic Cult

The Son of Sam is a nickname given to serial killer David Berkowitz and the murders he committed in New York City in the 1970s. It was coined by journalist Maury Terry, who first published his theory that Berkowitz operated as part of a cult of Satanists.

The case has been called “one of the most bizarre unsolved crimes” and one of history’s most famous serial killings.

The arrest of David Berkowitz on 10 August 1977 brought to an end the most extensive search yet in New York City’s history and put a stop to the city’s “summer of fear.”

The Son of Sam killed six people and wounded eight others with a .44 calibre Bulldog revolver from July 1976 to August 1977. He targeted young women wearing skirts or dresses while they walked alone late at night on streets near their homes in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx boroughs; no motive for these attacks was evident at the beginning of police investigations.

The “Son of Sam” killer has defied all logic. A mild-mannered, unremarkable man who killed and taunted police with satanic references is now considered the devil himself?

Terry worked as an IBM employee when serial killings began to erupt in New York City in 1977. The victims were targeted at random by a sadistic sociopath, believed to be David Berkowitz – one that Terry thought couldn’t have been responsible for such heinous crimes on his own, given how ordinary he seemed from afar.

For one thing, Berkowitz, chubby and with short dark hair, did not at all resemble some police sketches from eyewitness statements. As he launched his private investigation, Terry found more tantalizing clues: Berkowitz associated with John and Michael Carr – the two actual sons of Sam Carr.

Investigative journalist Maury Terry was stunned to find out that David Berkowitz and John Carr were accomplices and members of a more significant satanic cult. It wasn’t long before he became convinced that they weren’t acting alone in their crimes either – there is someone else who’s been orchestrating the entire operation from behind closed doors!

He started to believe that they were all members of a more prominent satanic cult, knows as ‘the Children’.

In the abandoned and now infamous Untermyer Park of Yonkers, Terry Berkowitz would spend many days with his two friends. The Devil’s Cave at this park holds a horrible history for those who dare to explore it – mutilated animal corpses are found near its entrance, allegedly left there as sacrificial offerings. Until recently, when an occult group claimed responsibility for these dreadful crimes against innocent animals – yet not before they had committed any human sacrifices from within their “safe place”- no one knew what nefarious deeds were being carried out on unsuspecting victims inside the cave walls or why such rituals existed in the first place.

Cult activity has continued around Untermyer Park since the Son of Sam killings. While Unsolved Mysteries was filming a story about cults, two residents came forward to say that they had witnessed a satanic meeting in the park back in 1987. They stated that they went outside after seeing car headlights and found themselves at an area near what is known as “the aqua duct” where at least fifteen people were standing chanting with candles lit up all over them… Out of fear, these brave souls fled from this scene before it could escalate any further!

The new Netflix documentary, The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness, has received an overwhelming response from viewers. Thousands have been tuning in to learn more about the notorious serial killer who terrorized New York City for years and haunted Maury Terry’s investigative journalism career.

This is a very intriguing story that will keep you guessing until the end, with one question always lingering–who committed these crimes?


Seb Niel

Seb Niel

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