Secrets of Magick Mirrors

Mirror magick aka mirror magic is an ancient occult tradition that dates back centuries.  Scrying mirrors have been used for centuries and are surrounded by mystery and intrigue. If you are interested in scrying, this is an excellent guide to assist in getting you started. Here, we will be exploring the world of scrying and magic mirrors so that you can gain a better sense of understanding of mirrors, scrying, and the process as a whole. 

Scrying with Mirror Magick

You may already be aware that a scrying mirror (or “magic mirror”) is a tool for divination that allows you the opportunity to be able to receive and transcribe insight and information from the spirit world about virtually anything, the past, present, future, or even past lives. A scrying mirror is basically a portal between the user and different planes of our existence and it can assist in allowing you the ability to be able to seek hidden knowledge in the way of visual imagery.

How a Mirror Magick Basically Works

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To scry into your magick mirror you need to be able to enter into a very powerful state of concentration so that you are able to receive visual flashes. Other magical tools can also be used instead of a black mirror, such as a crystal ball (or “crystal sphere”), or even water. The first magic mirrors were crafted from polished obsidian and metals such as silver, brass, and copper. Today, black obsidian scrying mirrors are still really popular, however, a vast amount of people who scry tend to prefer to use a standard mirror that’s backed with black as opposed to silver. Scrying is a wonderful way to open and develop your Third Eye while also enhancing your clairvoyant abilities. Scrying works in the way of the mirror becoming a type of gateway between you and the spirit realm, and information can be brought to you by your ancestors, guardian angels, and spirit guides who work alongside you. 

Guidelines to Abide By

Scrying is an incredibly complex and ancient magical rite, and that means that the practice deserves the utmost sense of respect and openness. There are certain “rules” that one should abide by to ensure that the process remains smooth, effective, and safe. If you are considering attempting to scry yourself, please respect the following guidelines:


  • Always cleanse the room where you are going to scry by smudging with sage, completing a Reiki cleanse, or by burning Frankincense 
  • Clean the surface where you are going to place your scrying mirror with a soft cloth and alcohol 
  • Do not allow anyone but you to look into your mirror and always keep your mirror in a silk bag when not in use
  • Make sure that you remain undisturbed while scrying
  • Light two candles (choose colors based upon your intention) and place them on your altar or table in front of your mirror
  • Don’t rush the process. Make time to allow for concentration and meditation to set in. Never attempt scrying when you are rushed or overstressed.
  • Ask for help, protection, and guidance from your ancestors, spirit guides and/or guardian angels
  • Turn off all of the lights in the room before scrying (with the exception of your candles)
  • Ensure that nothing will reflect in the surface of your mirror
  • Journal your experiences

How to Use a Scrying Mirror

To begin scrying, you are going to want to prepare the room and area where you are going to scry. Set your intention on what you are striving to find out or achieve or find out (seeing your past life, seeing if you are going to get a raise, seeking your ancestors, etc.) Write it down and begin meditating as you focus your intention and relax. Close your eyes, deeply inhale and exhale, and tune into your body and how you are feeling. As you begin to slip into a state of total relaxation begin to ask for guidance from your ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, and then restate your intention. 


Before you open your eyes, relax your gaze. When you are ready, look into your mirror. If you need to blink that’s perfectly okay but continue holding your gaze in the mirror. Remember to not allow your conscious mind to intercept what you are viewing.


The surface of your scrying mirror should start to shift and change and you should start to see a dark mist begin to appear. It is at this point that you should begin to see images that you want to (or need to) see. This can happen either on the surface of your mirror or through your mind’s eye and this will occur in the form of visual flashes as opposed to specific images (this is largely due to the fact that your mirror only serves as a gateway between you and the spirit realm).


When you feel as if you have successfully received all of the information that you need (your ancestors, spirit guides, or guardian angels will typically inform you in some manner), begin to prepare to end your scrying session. To do this, do a mental recap of everything you saw, fix the images in your memory so that you can write them down. Next, thank your guides for their assistance and their protection, and then state the intention that you are ending the session. Begin to come back to a normal state of consciousness and bring your focus back to your body (moving your legs and arms until you start to feel more grounded). When you are fully ready, open your eyes and then write down everything you were shown in your journal.


Scrying is a wonderful and beautiful process that can truly have life-changing benefits. With scrying you can find healing from the pain of your ancestors, answers to life’s pressing questions, and even answers to who you were in your past life and how that pertains to your present. Remember to not get discouraged, scrying requires deep concentration and dedication and many tend to not stick with the process. Just keep trying and eventually, the doors will open up to you.

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