What the Black Evil Eye Means

The black evil eye is a protective amulet that wards off evil and bad luck. It’s also called the “guardian eye” or “mal de ojo.” The evil eye is usually used to protect against envy in particular but can guard against any form of bad influence or malevolent intention.

In this article, we will dive deep into the evil eye and explore its different forms, uses, and colors. More specifically, we will take a look at the black evil eye because it is quite popular in regions like Latin America and some parts of Europe.

We will be using the black evil eye as our focus for this article, but please note that it can be of any color or shape depending on what you want it to represent.

What is the black evil eye and how is it used?

The black evil eye is worn as a symbol of protection against evil intentions and bad luck. This is especially true if you believe in the supernatural. Usually, an evil eye charm is made from semi-precious stones that have been carved into the form of an eye.

These evil eye charms are very small, so they can be worn anywhere. The evil eye is usually hung from a chain and placed around the neck on one’s chest, but it could also be tied to an article of clothing or even put inside your shoe.

An evil eye charm is often given as a gift by someone who believes in the evil eye’s power. It is also common for evil eye charms to be passed down from one generation to the next or used as tattoo designs.

Where do we get evil eye beliefs from?

There are different evil eye symbols and evil eye meanings scattered throughout history and cultures. Some cultures believe that evil eye protection works differently than others.

For example, Italians believe that an amulet with an evil eye will protect them from evil spirits, while an evil eye belief in Armenia is that evil eyes are used to protect against the evil eye itself.

Many of our evil eye beliefs come from how we interpret the original evil eye myth, which comes from ancient Babylon. In this myth, a goddess named Ishtar sends out her evil eye and curses one of her priests. She does this because the priest refuses to marry his daughter to Ishtar’s lover.

Ishtar is a goddess of love and fertility, which makes sense since she curses her priest because he won’t bless their union by giving them his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The History Of Protection Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Jewelry has been worn for centuries by people throughout Europe and North Africa to ward off bad luck brought about by envy.

Ancient Greeks reportedly wore Evil Eye Talismans made out of emeralds and mother of pearl to combat the evil eye.

Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, stated in his writings that King Croesus wore amulets of gold with a blue enamel border containing an image of the Great Goddess on them at all times.

They believed that soldiers would wear Evil Eye Jewelry made from Carnelian into battle to protect themselves during Roman times.

Symbolic jewelry worn during this time held a very high value and was mainly considered priceless.

1800 year old ring and the evil eye
1800 year old ring with the evil eye

Over the centuries, the meaning of Evil Eye Jewelry has evolved from being an amulet exclusively used for protection against envy into jewelry that is believed to bestow good fortune upon those who wear it.

Myths surrounding the evil eye symbol

Since ancient times, people have believed that the evil eye is a curse caused by jealousy and envy. To protect them from this curse, people began to wear these talismans made out of emeralds and mothers of pearl.

The same type of jewelry was worn in the Roman Empire but with Carnelian stones instead of emeralds. Over the centuries, it has evolved into jewelry that bestows luck on those who wear it.

Ancient myths from numerous ancient civilizations speak of the evil eye as a source of negative energy that may harm people. The Babylonians believed that the evil eye was caused by spirits possessed by jealousy and envy.

Ancient Arabian myths included an evil god called Al Ayn, who would sometimes cast a spell on people, which first blinded them and then turned them into stone.

The Greeks believed that the evil eye originated from an angry god who turned people into stone, and when they returned to dust, it fell out from their bodies.

The protection from evil eyes and the giving of good luck are intertwined in traditions related to evil eye jewelry.

Evil Eye Designs

Evil eye Good luck Bracelet in Glass

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The Evil Eye Around the World

The evil eye is called by many names depending on where you are in the world.

In English-speaking countries, it’s called the “evil eye,” but there are several other words for the same concept.

These other names include (but are not limited to): Mal de Ojo (Spanish), Ayn (Arabic), Amulet (French), Malocchio (Italian), and Nazar boncuğu / Nazar BÖnceği (Turkish).

The evil eye is a superstition that has been around for thousands of years. It predates the written word in most cultures, and therefore there are many versions of its history and myths surrounding it.

Wearing Protection Evil Eye Jewelry is believed to bring good luck. This superstition can be seen in many religions, including Greek mythology, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam.

The Evil Eye in Judaism

In Judaism, the evil eye impedes a person’s ability to perform mitzvot (good deeds). It is forbidden in Judaism to have amulets, charms, or talismans because they are considered pagan in nature. This law is often referred to as the “No Amulet Rule.”

The Evil Eye in Hindusim

In Hinduism, the goddess Shani protects the evil eye (Sanskrit: शनि). According to Hindu mythology, she protects people from the evil eye and bestows good luck.

Another form of protection is to wear an Evil Eye amulet. Many Hindus believe that if you can make your enemy look at a shiny object, it will distract them from harming you. Some jewelers use Hindu astrology to create jewelry with stones that can deflect the evil eye in India.

Islamic Influences and the Evil Eye

Highly popular in India & Turkey (especially Central Anatolia) and other cultures that have experienced Islamic influence—such as Morocco or those bordering on Arab lands such as Tunisia or Algeria.

The phrase “evil eye” usually refers to envious sentiments (broadly represented by the Western notion of “the evil eye”), with envy being often portrayed as a person with a sparkle in their eyes or even green glowing dots in their pupils.

Evil-eye amulets are therefore believed to protect from bad luck, envy (and the ‘evil eye’), injury, and sickness; some also claim that the “evil eye” is cast upon a person, place, or object of desire by those who covet it.

The belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient times. The word “oculi” in Latin means eyes, and people believed that if someone looked at their good fortune, health, or possessions with jealousy, the result was illness, pain, or even death.

The Evil Eye in North Africa and Arab Influences

In Africa, the belief may have started with an older, negative connotation and was probably transmitted by Arab sailors, merchants, or immigrants who brought their culture to North Africa.

The Berbers believe that there are ways of averting the evil eye: the easiest to perform, and the most effective, is a ritual called ‘Aqb adh-Dhua’ or “eye washing.”

The person who has been given the evil eye should go to a stream or river and scoop up some water in his hands and splash this onto his face. The person should repeat a prayer three times. As he splashes the water on himself, he should say the following words:

“Laa ‘ilaha ill-Allah wa anna Muhammadar Rasool Allah” (There is no god but God and that Muhammad is His Messenger)

Aqb adh-Dhua should be performed within three days of exposure to the evil eye, preferably soon after the incident. After that, one must wait ten days before performing the ritual again, but optionally he may perform the washing twice a week.

If this is done, it will be as if one has never been exposed to the evil eye. This is very important because not every case of exposure results in the manifestation of ill effects.

The Evil Eye in Greek Culture

Originally the “evil eye” was widespread throughout Europe and Africa – notably in Greece, where Homer first wrote about it in The Iliad, Book XXIII, as a symbol of envy.

Such is the universality of this superstition that on Delos, an island sacred to Apollo and Artemis, no one could look in a mirror because they believed that vanity and envy would eventually lead to murder.

The Evil Eye in Christianity

In Roman Catholicism, wearing an Evil Eye amulet is believed to merit protection from the devil and people who can cast curses such as witches, wizards, or sorcerers. It also serves as a protection against envy and a symbol of good luck.

The Catholic Church has blessed the Evil Eye in various forms, ranging from earrings and necklaces to prayer cards.

A story is told about St. Augustine of Hippo, who was so revered as a saint that he could protect people from the evil eye just by looking at them (it’s also believed that he could even make the devil tremble).

What do Hamsa and Evil Eye amulets do?

The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is an all-purpose talisman representing concepts such as love, inner balance, and protection. It has been popular and seen primarily in regions dominated by Muslim culture.

The Evil Eye is a curse believed to be cast away from the envious eyes of another, which linger maliciously instead of moving to bring beneficial energy where it’s needed the most.

In some countries, people wear jewelry that incorporates an eye (usually a black eye) to deflect any possible harm coming their way from envy.

Wearing both the Hamsa and Evil Eye symbols can deliver synergy to the wearer by providing love and protection from any negative energies.

What do Hamsa Jewelry and Evil Eye Jewelry Look Like?

While variations in designs exist, both types of jewelry are characterized by colorful stones or metal charms hanging from a chain or string. The dangling charm can be either one eye (to ward off harm) or two eyes (to protect the wearer from injury and danger). The Hamsa symbol is usually accompanied by two or four charms and stones such as turquoise to make up for the evil eye’s missing eye.

The Evil Eye symbol features one or more eyes hung prominently on a necklace. Stones used in these amulets are usually semi-precious, like amethyst and citrine, while beads made from precious metals complete the design.

What are the benefits of Hamsa and Evil Eye Jewelry?

Hamsa jewelry is worn to ward off negative energies directed at us by others. It’s believed that an unkind look from one who envies you may be the reason for you to have an accident or even get sick.

Simply wearing the Hamsa charm is believed to protect from these dangers, having the power of God’s word and hands behind it. It’s also thought that one who wears a Hamsa will better attract positive energies and bring abundance into their life.

As is often the case with symbolic jewelry, the benefits are found in the wearer’s belief and faith.

Evil Eye bracelets are equally protective. They prevent negative energies from entering a person’s body and protect them from the envy of others. Thus it is believed that people who wear these types of jewelry attract prosperity into their lives.

What are the side effects of Hamsa and Evil Eye Jewelry?

One side effect of wearing Hamsa and Evil Eye amulets is the lifting of envy directed at the wearer. This can result in unwarranted attention and unwanted criticism from others, especially those who are envious of you or your life.

People who wear these types of jewelry should be ready to defend themselves against criticism by explaining that they simply believe in the power of the symbol they wear.

In time, you will realize the power of your jewelry and know that it really works to keep negative situations at bay. As an alternative, we recommend carrying an Evil Eye amulet in a pocket or wallet while wearing Hamsa Jewelry on your wrist.

Who can use Evil Eye Amulets?

Short Answer: Anyone who wants to be able to feel more confident in themselves.

It is not a symbol that is exclusive to a particular religion or faith. It is simply a way to protect from bad energy to the wearer. For this reason, evil eye jewelry is worn by people of all religions and cultures, who use it as an amulet against evil eye effects.

People wear them because they believe that the symbols will protect them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Long Answer:

It is often recommended to wear an evil eye amulet to protect oneself from all the bad energy of day-to-day life.

Evil eye jewelry has been found at many archeological sites, proving that it has been around for a long time and was very important to those who used them.

The Evil Eye Amulet is for the protection of any person against envy, greed, and other evil deeds done by those who consciously or unconsciously direct their envious looks at them.

It is not for attracting lovers or friends, nor does it have some mysterious power over one’s destiny, but it does well to keep the wearer safe from others’ hidden, harmful intentions.

In this way, it provides security and protection, that feeling of being safe within oneself.

Confidence keeps us steady and focused; we can meet challenges with courage and determination – striving towards our goals in life without fear of letting ourselves down.

People who choose to wear these psychological protection pieces can be considered people with strong personalities and more than likely have self-confidence.

By wearing an evil eye pendant or bracelet, one expresses that they can take care of themselves should the need for protection ever arise.

Evil Eye jewelry (aka Hamsa) also represents the three powers or ways of seeing: the evil eye (shield), lucky eye (window), and mediator (mirror).

The meaning and significance of evil eye color

Although evil eye jewelry has been found in many different colors, we promised to focus on the black evil eye in this article.

First of all, it is said that the black evil eye is a traditional style. It is also noted that the black color signifies power and can protect people from harm and help ward off negative energy.

However, many think that wearing a black evil eye does not protect at all because it is not powerful enough to do so compared to other colors.


The blue evil eye is said to protect the negative energy that people in our lives bring. It is also considered a more powerful color than the black one. It can counteract any harm done while simultaneously sending its own positive energy back to whoever intended your harm.

Blue is a difficult color to come by when it comes to evil eye jewelry, as most of this particular jewelry that you can buy on the market today will usually be in black, red, or silver instead. The blue color is also less common because many who wear it are more traditional, so the blue evil eye is often a personal choice.


The Silver Evil Eye

The silver color symbolizes purity, making it very popular amongst women and men who want to keep their bodies free of any negative energy. You should also note that this color holds an air of mystery about it, and so anyone who wears a silver evil eye is thought to be quite interesting.


image from Saribluetrue etsy

The red color symbolizes passion, which is why it is thought to have a lot of power. It can also repel negative energy while at the same time drawing positive energy towards you. The most popular way in which people wear the red evil eye is on rings and bracelets. These are also the most common colors in today’s modern society, especially amongst women.

Red is also said to be a lucky color, as well as a potent one. Red jewelry is often passed down from generation to generation in families who believe in its power for protection. Others may buy it as a gift to themselves when they feel they need an extra bit of luck in their life.


Evil Eye in Orange
image from Lolas Boutique

It is said that the orange evil eye symbolizes protection against theft, which is why it is such a popular color amongst individuals who carry valuable items with them. You may also wear the orange color for protection against being caught up in other people’s lousy fortune (it is said that wearing an orange evil eye can prevent this from happening).

Orange and yellow

Orange and yellow are often combined to give a third color. This combination is said to protect against negativity while simultaneously attracting positive things and people towards you.


The yellow evil eye is one of the most powerful colors, as it attracts positivity in whichever area of life you need it most. It protects against spiritual dangers, such as black magic spells, while also ensuring a person’s physical protection. This is one color that many believe will protect you in every way possible, and so it is often worn by men and women who want to give off this energy.


The green evil eye protects against financial loss, which explains why many people use the color on their business cards or other financial documents. Green is also a lucky color, alongside being one that symbolizes growth and prosperity.


The brown evil eye protects against health problems, which can be due to illness or injury (the color symbolizes physical strength). This is probably why some people wear a bracelet or necklace if they have recently broken their arm, leg, or had an operation.

The other main reason this color is chosen is its tendency to give more of a neutral point between the black and white evil eyes. Brown is also said to protect against physical danger while ensuring that nothing gets in the way.


The white evil eye is thought to ensure happiness, so it is often worn as a couple’s wedding ring. It can also protect against infertility in men and women (which may be caused by problems with their partners) while also ensuring financial protection for both partners.


The pink evil eye is said to protect against those who wish to cause you harm while also bringing peace and tranquility into your life. Wearing pink is thought to bring about positive change in all areas of one’s life.

Black Evil Eye Bracelets

Different cultures have used black evil eye bracelets for various reasons. In Western cultures, they are believed to protect against the “evil eye.” The evil eye is a spell that some people cast as an act of envy or anger. It has the power to cause bad luck.

In Eastern culture, these bracelets are called amulets and can be worn by anyone who fears being cursed with sickness or injury because of jealousy.

Different belief systems have different views on what causes the Evil Eye: some say it comes from jealous people, others attribute it to envy, and still, others think it’s caused by someone casting a spell on you using their eyes.

To prevent this from happening, you can wear an amulet around your neck or wrist, usually made out of silver or gold. It can also be made out of charms for good luck, like a four-leaf clover.

Beaded Evil Eye Bracelets

Different types of beads are used to make these bracelets: some have evil eye symbols on them, others are made from metal or stone and come with an evil eye symbol on the clasp. Traditionally, the metal bracelets were made of silver and gold with an evil eye symbol on them. These bracelets were believed to protect the wearer or anyone who wore them from physical and spiritual dangers.

How does a black evil eye bracelet work?

Black Evil Eye
Image from Bohemian Girl arts

The black evil eye bracelet is considered an amulet. It is used by people who fear being cursed with sickness or injury because of jealousy. This category also accounts for those who believe they are the victims of a spell-casting or have been given the evil eye by someone envious of their achievements.

The amulets work in two ways – some people who wear them have an actual belief that they will protect them from harm, while others feel that wearing them helps to thwart any negative energy sent their way. Either way, the power of these bracelets comes from the dark color and the eye symbol that has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits.

The beads on these black evil eye bracelets can be made out of silver, gold, or stones. They are usually adorned with charms and symbols associated with good luck and protection against evil.

Where do I hang evil eye in my home?

Some common areas are the main entrance door or living room window.

The origins of hanging an evil eye on the windowsill are unclear, but people believe it does protect their homes from fire.

Like many superstitions, there’s no evidence that this will work- but you can never be too careful! If you have more than one evil eye for decoration and installation options are limited, feel free to rotate them around your desired spaces.

In ancient times, hanging an eye above the door was believed to ward off evil spirits, and now we know this is because an Evil Eye wards off these bad energies within a home too!

Evil eyes in celebrity and pop culture

This Pop Socket Evil Eye has protective powers 

It’s not surprising that the Evil Eye is a common motif in the world of celebrity and pop culture.

Mystical symbols are often amplified when trying to create imagery for album covers, posters, or artwork.

Most people experience a sense of fear or unease when looking into a set of eyes from an unexpected direction. Again and again, this is seen in shows like Stranger Things which features unforgettable scenes with evil eyes.

This is extended to celebrities who have taken on roles such as witches like Penny Dreadful’s Miss Isobel Poole, who makes use of hypnotic eye beams. Horror film villains like Norman Bates’ iconic movie where he wipes away the brain matter with his hands after revealing himself as his mother wearing her eyepatch, and other characters relating to superstitions like “The Exorcist.”

Note: the Evil Eye is not actually a representation of demonic possession or being under someone’s spell

It was originally an ancient Middle Eastern belief that you could harm yourself (or others) by staring at something with envy, lust, or jealousy.

This fear and superstition has essentially been immortalized by modern entertainment, especially in the horror genre.

Evil Eye jewelry is a special gift from Turkey that can be passed down for generations!

Is it bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye?

Though it may be considered “bad luck” in some cultures, wearing an Evil Eye is meant to ward off negative energies, and thus buying one for yourself would not be considered bad luck.

For other cultures, the Evil Eye could represent their own wishes for good fortune upon themselves or be seen as a sign of respect.

The Turkish tradition of giving someone an evil eye suggests that one might give a man’s wife-to-be (or his mother) an evil eye as a gesture of love and appreciation for them. Evil Eye jewelry is a special gift from Turkey that can be passed down for generations!

Nowadays, people often wear an evil eye pendant or bracelet to protect against negativity and bring good fortune!


If the historical context and symbolism of the Black Evil Eye appeal to you, don’t let anyone else’s superstitions stop you from acquiring one.

You might want to consider wearing one on your body, as a bracelet or an earring, as well as getting a couple to hang up in your house.

A symbol like the Black Evil Eye could bring good luck as well as protection for your home, family, and possessions.

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