DIY Money Bowl Magic Spell: Step by Step Guide

How does a money bowl magic spell help you attract wealth? In the first place, money bowls don’t attract wealth, per se, neither do any magickal artifacts of the like for that matter.  What makes the difference between a ‘normal’ everyday object and an artifact of ‘magick’ is all about conscious intent.  Therefore the magic spell is just a way to reinforce and intensify desire into an object.

According to the Thelemites of Aleister Crowley Magick is the art of imposing ones will into the world.

Intention & psychic energy is the winning formula for empowering your will into the world.  Will can only be realized through action.  Will without ritual is inept, like electricity without a machine motor. Electricity without a machine motor can’t be applied to affect change in the world.  It’s just loose energy.  In this way, Ritual & ceremonial magic is useful.  It’s the power that they instill in the psychic space which affects the world around us.

How to Know if the Money Bowl Magic Spell Right for You?

There are many reasons to do magic. Sometimes you don’t really need to do it.

  • You’ve internalized negative beliefs about money and wealth
  • You feel like you’re unworthy of success
  • You are not satisfied with your level of monetary wealth.
  • You just want to practice magic ritual and better your skills in the arts.

Choosing your Money Bowl

Remember that Magick is just a vehicle for your will.  Yet there is a sort of dance between the psychic and the real.  Ancient Chinese masters understood this power.  This is why Fengshui developed.  It was the exoteric expression of inner psychic space.  In this way, the Fengshui masters used beauty to intensify the experience of the practitioner and to enhance the space towards the desire and psyche.  Essentially, clutter was reduced and visual objects were

Fengshui masters understood the back and forth components between the psychic and the real.  This is why design elements such as art, space, color, sound became ways to affect the psyche.

Money bowl magic spell

How to charge an object with Positive energy

I emphatically extoll the benefits of having highly specified magical objects.  Sensual experience plays a large part in enhancing the experience of magic to the practitioner.  This is because our primary interaction with ongoing reality is by way of the sensual.  Therefore, it goes to say without question that the more engaging that something is, then the more psychic power it seems to gain.

By way of aesthetic many beautifully tempered objects already contain a magnanimous level of magickal energy. The beautiful is like a window into the divine. Coincidentally the ritual aspect of magic contains beauty in the performative aspect. Your ritual movements, delicately flowing are liminal art pieces.

Money Spray

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Here is what you’ll need to perform Money Bowl Magic Spell


    • Bowl (gold, green or clear)
    • Incense
    • Golden Sesame Seeds
    • Coins or some Currency
    • Citrine Crystal
    • Cinnamon
    • Salt (Himalayan, Black or Green)
    • Bay Leaves
    • Magic intention sheet

Symbolic Magic

These objects each embody an inner meaning.  By wielding them and using them ceremonially you subconsciously draw from their power.  Then when you add them all together, their agrogate creates the totality of your magical intention.

The Bowl

Bowl represents the body. The emptiness

We shape clay into a bowl, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.”- Lao Tzu.


Incense is an ongoing experience. Time fire. It bleeds and disappears. Never taking a tangible form. Its form is formlessness. Incense as a triggering item reflects this notion to the consciousness.

Coins or currency

Money is mana.  We all know that they have material meaning.  They are representations of the material world.

Golden Sesame Seeds

These represent how something so small can grow into something larger. They represent how small actions can lead to greater. They also represent faith.

…if you have faith as small as a mustard see, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move…


Performing the Money Bowl Magic Spell

Step 1. Place your money bowl in the altar space.  You need to have done a cleansing ritual to apply either a negative charge to the space.

Step 2. Cleanse the inside of the bowl with your incense stick.

Step 3. Set the bowl in front of you and now with a piece of paper write down your incantation.  You can download our own prepared incantation card paper here.

Step 4. Place the citrine crystal at the center of the bowl.

Step 5. Place the candle atop the citrine crystal.

Step 6. Add all of your objects into the bowl.

Step 7. Light the candle and as you do say your prayer into the flame.

Step 8. Perform your ending rituals.

Mindset for the ritual

It’s important to know that mindset for this ritual (as any other ritual) is of incredibly important significance. Remember that the purpose or a ritual is a GIVING.

“The love you take is equal to the love you make.”  -Paul Mcartney

As a magick practitioner, it is crucial to cultivate and embody this mindset. Always keep in mind the give and take of the universe, the be and flow.

I came to the conclusion if I remove my prayer, others then can apply their own and make it personal to them.

Keep in mind the give and take of the universe. When the spell begins working, remember to give a little back. Keep the energy flowing.

Money bowl

Money bowls have taken many shapes and recipes based on the cultures and needs. The ingredients included may change based on the speed of your needs. Initiate the process by cleansing yourself, the space you are occupying and the objects you’ll be using. In a bowl – green, golden, or clear – add some coins or just some currency. Also pour enough sesame seeds to cover a small citrine and red jasper crystals, cinnamon, salt, and bay. Change the herbs and perishable ingredients every month in the same day.

If you find yourself in need of a specific amount you may use some bay and a marker. In the leaf write down the specific number you are seeking. Burn it with the light of a green candle on a Thursday or Saturday by noon. You may even say some incantations based on what you need but be careful to declare “without ill intent to others”. Remember Karma Energy is true.

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