DIY “Protection Spell Jar” Magic: A Step by Step Guide

Why would you need a protection spell jar exactly? Well maybe you want to carry your magic around with you or you want to gift it to somebody. This is because a protection spell jar is a great way to capture your intentions and “bottle them up” so to say. 

 Magick spells and rituals can be transient. Spell jars are a way of capturing the ephemeral states of consciousness in magic and making them last longer.

I love spell jars because they offer a more persistent form of magic than other magic spells.   Really, this is because a protection spell creates an amulet. An amulet or talisman as the focus of ritual magick changes an object or space into intention or will.  Resulting from this is a visual apparatus by which any witch, hermeticist, adept or magick practitioner can call upon.  Amulets (like spell jars) are “sticky.”

Why would you want a Protection Spell Jar Amulet?


The power that flows through you can be unleashed through magic.  Rituals help to magnify and project one innate internal power and intentions.  It is profound to be able to attempt to affect the mind through exoteric rituals.

Exoteric ritual magic

contrasted with the “esoteric” the exoteric is an outward expression of an internal state.  It is like meditation, except that it is an external form of meditation.  The movements are imortant and the process is important. That is why it is imperative to try and do each phase of the process as perfectly as possible.

Capturing the flow and becoming hypnotized by perfect ritual are the secret behind magic spells.

All magic begins and ends with the practitioner. The adept is the alpha and the omega. This is because the human body is the bastion of this energy. It acts as the ballast towards directing the will and it wields is. A protection spell jar without the proper psychic intentions in it is useless.

Spell jars are incredibly simple and highly effective ways to manifest your intention and obtain the desires of your heart. If you are seeking to craft a protection spell jar, this is the article for you. Here, we will be delving into how to create your own protection spell jar for any issue you may be dealing with. 

Where to Start?

You’ll need some general witchcraft supply just to start out. Check out this witchcraft kit on Amazon. It contains a wide assortment of things. 

Witchcraft Kit


What size Jar should one use?

It really depends on what you intend to do with your spell jar. Visual space is what makes this spell work. Obviously, if you have a massively large jar then you’re going to get a lot more benefit out of the optic perspective of this jar.  I mean, a large jar just towers over a small jar.

Receiving a spell jar as a gift has more psychic energy than using your own spell jar.  Therefore if you plan to do your own spell jar I highly advise you to use the largest Jar that you can make.  This way the “gift” energy and “energy of creative artistic other” that your solitary protection spell jar lacks can be made up for by the overpowering magnitude of the spectacle of the magic.

Large jar

Small Jar

Check out which Jars I like to use by clicking here. 

Items Needed for the Protection Spell Jar

1 clear glass jar with lid 

Dried rosemary


Dried sage


3 acorns

Flickr via Tom Woodward all rights reserved

9 dried juniper berries

Via Wikicommons

Sea salt

Black tourmaline (or other protection crystal, such as smokey quartz)

Piece of silver wire, necklace, or chain 

White beeswax candle

The best thing about beeswax candles is that they are all-natural.  Check out some beeswax candles on amazon here.  

Matches or light

Permanent marker (if you wish to add protection symbols) 

Extra Credit Herbs

Any other herbs that are useful to the type of protection you are seeking (dill for protection against dark forces, coriander protection against ill health, etc.) Go with your gut.  Maybe there are some other herbs that have worked for you in your other spells. In this case its ok to include them in 

Warren Layton via Flickr

Directions for the Ritual

Now we are ready to begin this ritual.

1)Gather all of your items together. 

It might be a little difficult getting all of these items at first.  Realize, though, that this process is a meditative act itself.  Think of it, not like going and shopping (like a chore).  You are setting your will and desire towards seeking these objects in the world. Let psychic will be your guide.

Once you have gathered all of your items, find a quiet space where you can sit and meditate in order to set your intention. If you can, smudge the area, the items, and yourself with sage, if you can’t, the sage that you place in your jar will suffice (smudging and sage help to eliminate negative energy. When you are ready, place the protection symbols on your jar and begin to layer them in the following manner:

2) Erect an altar space

In this case, I like to go to my altar.  For ritual magick, it greatly helps to have a place in your home designated just for spiritual meditation and tranquility. Often it takes consistently using this space to put the important psychic energy into it.

3)Smudge the space

Don’t use all of the sage at your disposal. Remember that you’ll be needing to add it into your jar. If you don’t have sage you can burn incense as well if you want. If you don’t like the smell or the smoke you can use a spray bottle filled with water, or even just twirling a handkerchief around. Git it a spray of some scented oil or something. That also works.

4) Add the ingredients together in this order

Place protection symbols into your altar space and pray.

  • A layer of salt on the bottom of the jar
  • Tourmaline or other protection crystal
  • Dried rosemary
  • Acorns
  • Dried sage.
  • Juniper berries.
  • Any other dried herbs to fit the type of protection you are seeking
  • Star anise.
  • Another layer of salt to finish

After you’ve done this close the lid of your jar tightly and wrap the silver necklace, wire, or chain around the jar in any way that feels right to you.

5) Sealing the Jar

Close the lid of your jar tightly and wrap the silver necklace, wire, or chain around the jar in any way that feels right to you. Light the candle and meditate again with your jar. Envision the type of protection you are needing and evoke it from the energy of the jar. Feel the spell working for you and take all of the time you need with it.

6)Ending the spell

When you are ready, smudge (do not blow) out the candle. Where you place the jar truly is up to you. You can bury it at one of the corners of your home (useful if you are seeking to protect your home and/or yourself), or keep it on your altar to meditate with it more, the choice really is up to you, trust your natural instinct and do what is the best for your needs. 

It is important to remember that a part of ritual magick is the creative energy. Coincidentally intention and will also have a ritual component to it as well. But ritual spells are ceremonial. This means that they open up a transformational space throughout the process. So therefore with opening the pace and starting the ritual the process brings about that transformation. Probably the best example of this sort of ceremony comes from Shintoism. When you go to a Shinto temple, they always tell you it is not the meaning or the spiritual element which counts but instead it’s how well you follow the steps given to you.

As a side note, perform your ritual with the highest degree of performance. You may be alone while you do it but there is something to be gained from perfectionism. In this way, you’ll be able to enter the state of “flow.” Flow is the zone and it generates the most meditative and psychically influential states that one can attain.

On Gifting your Protection Spell Jar

Giving a gift or receiving the protection spell jar as a gift greatly enhances its overall psychic capacity. There are few reasons for this:

  1. a gift embodies the concept of “giving and receiving”.

When you receive a gift it issues a totally different kind of energy. It comes from the “other.” The gift not only contains elements of psychic energy from the person who ‘receives’ the gift. But it has an element of the psychic from the person who ‘gives the gift.

2.An object contains more psychic energy when somebody else made it.

Have you ever wondered why food tastes better when somebody else makes it for you? Do you know any artists that collect their own art? This is the power that comes from the art object.


All in all what you choose to do with your protection spell jar is up to you. You have all the tools. Play with it and have fun.

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