How To Positive Charge Objects

Charging your items for use in magic or everyday life is incredibly important. We are all comprised of energy and when we hone into this energy, we can truly create change in our lives. And, with the assistance of using the energy of certain objects, such as crystals, we can become even more powerful in spellcasting and directing your mental energy to create the change you want or need in your life. This is especially why charging the objects you are seeking to work with is of the utmost importance, and in this brief article, we will be sharing with you just how to do that.

What Can Be Charged with positive energy?

Virtually anything and everything that you use can be positively charged for use in your everyday life. You can charge your morning cup of coffee or tea with positive energy to brighten up your day before you even walk out the door. You can charge a necklace or other form of jewelry that you wear each day in order to give you an uplifting boost and help you stay there. You can charge your vehicle to keep you safe and positive during your normal commute. And you can, of course, charge crystals and other items to be used for certain spellwork to brighten and strengthen your spells as well. Basically, anything that you use can definitely be charged with positive energy.

Understanding the Process of charging objects with energy

First things first, this article is aimed at charging objects specifically with positive energy. You can charge objects with any sort of energy you are seeking to work with, however, simply by changing your intent. But for this one, the focus is purely on the positive side of things.

Charging items requires you to be in a clear, positive mindset. You give energy to the item itself, so if you are not in a good, positive mental state at the time you are wishing to charge the object, you are simply going to void that positivity out and replace it with whatever energy you are currently experiencing. Recently got into an argument? You can’t charge your new crystal when you are reflecting on that issue. Have you recently lost someone in your life, and you are mourning that loss? Again, you are not going to be able to successfully charge an object with positive energy if you are in the grieving process, no matter how hard you try or how badly you desire to do so.

How to Positively Charge Objects

   When you are ready and in a clear and positive mental state, you are more than ready to go ahead and charge the item that you are seeking to charge with your positive energy. Meditate for a bit of time before charging the item and set your positive intention toward the product. Place the object in your hands or on the item and speak your intent toward the object.

If you are charging your vehicle for a safe and happy work commute, state that. If you are blessing your morning coffee, speak words of affirmation over it that you are going to have a blessed day and it will be full of positive energy and abundance. Speak your mantra or words over the item for as long as you feel necessary and speak the energy into the item in a manner that you truly believe what you are saying and visualize the object actually taking in your inner light and positive energy and allowing it to work for you.

Certain objects can also be charged with cleansing water, moon water, and the moon itself. If you are seeking to charge items in this manner that is perfectly acceptable as well! Always trust your inner wisdom and insight and trust the path that you are on. True charging of items comes down to drawing your own natural energy into the item and trusting that it will work its wonders for you.


How to charge yourself with positive energy

In order to charge yourself with positive energy is a bit different.

“the mind commands the body and the body obeys.  The mind commands the mind and the mind is obstinate” 

-St.Thomas Aquinas

If filling yourself with positive energy was so easy then there would be a lot less money spent on psychological help.  You are a physical and spiritual being.  There is a little bit of a different set of combinational factors which contribute to how to charge yourself with positive energy.  


Through prayer, you focus your mind on communion with a deity.  Sometimes you even seat yourself at an altar or a place of worship.  This can help to promote positive energy to enter your body.  Also when you sit at an altar you are positively charging that space. You are also setting up an anchor to trigger the association of that space, so whenever you sit there you’ll associate it with something positive.  


Meditation is another way for you to charge yourself with positive energy.  Meditation causes a person to focus on one thing.  This effectively helps the mind to unravel naturally.  When the mind is at an “at-ease” state of well-being, naturally positive energy begins to course through the body on its own. 

Chi-Gong or Tai Chi

Try and feel the energy flowing through the entirety of your body. By using the power of imagination you can direct energy throughout the body.  Picture in your mind, a white light filled with love and positivity coming down to meet you. Then through standing perfectly still and directing your movements and mind you can move the energy throughout your body.

Note, there are many different ways to charge the body with positive energy.  You are an entity that is constantly subject to change and the power of the universe.  There will always be ups and downs in this lifetime.  You’ll experience positivity on a spectrum and it won’t always be similar one day after the next.   Try out different things.  Being positive all the time is not at all reasonable, you are a dual being and you have to take the positive with the negative.  Instead, try for apathetic towards these things and events.  A stoic attitude can go a long way.  


How to charge water with positive energy

   Water can hold your intentions better than any material. There once was a study done in Tokyo where 2000 people focused positive intentions toward water samples located inside an electromagnetically blocked lab all the way in California.  The study group was not aware that similar samples were also set aside in different locations as controls.  Eventually, Ice crystals formed from both of the water samples to which they were photographed by an analyst and the resulting images were astonishing.  The crystals of those that had been given positive intention had formed the most beautiful crystals you’d ever seen.  While those that were given negative intention were not as developed and appeared almost ugly. 

   By following these same basic principles you can basically charge water with positive energy whenever you want.

1)fix your mind onto a positive wavelength.

2) Direct your positive thoughts into the water vesicle that you’re trying to positively charge. 

That’s basically it.  You can also include any of your magical practices into the ritual as well.  Try and make it elaborate and meditative.  

blog featured image by Eddi Van W. via flickr


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