How to use a Magic Crystal Ball

So you want to know how to use a magic crystal ball? Magic crystal balls have been used as tools of divination and feng shui for centuries. If you are interested in learning how to scry or utilize a crystal ball, this brief article is for you. Here, we will be delving into the magic of crystal balls and will be examining the history and also some of the best purposes for different types of crystal balls as well.

Introduction to Crystal Balls

Crystal balls or crystal spheres are flawless transparent stones that can also be made-up of polished leaded glass. While not all crystal spheres are made up of crystal, they are all spherical in shape. They range in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from very small palm-sized crystal balls to those that require a stand that are used for scrying and are roughly the size of a grapefruit.

As previously noted, crystal balls can be made up of a wide array of different crystals and materials such as quartz, unleaded and leaded glass, amethyst, beryl, obsidian, and calcite. Crystal balls that are properly made will end up becoming a highly-polished, perfect sphere. Larger spheres should be placed on a stand in order to make gazing into it easier. If you are opting to invest in a glass or clear crystal ball, it should be free and clear of air bubbles (air bubbles are perfectly acceptable with colored spheres, however). If you are planning to invest in a crystal sphere that is made up of any other type of stone other than glass, it should be very highly polished and free of faults.

Crystallomancy is the art of using crystal balls for scrying or “seeing what is not there.” It gives the seer the opportunity to be able to view the future, uncover secrets and mysteries, and communicate with spirits, angels, and ancestors.

History of Crystal Balls

Crystal balls have been utilized throughout the centuries for the use of clairvoyance and fortune-telling dating back to at least the 1st century. In fact, one of the earliest known references of crystal balls comes in the work of a Roman man named Pliny the Elder. Pliny is said to have described crystal balls as being used by “soothsayers.” During this period of time, however, crystal balls were first referred to as “crystallum orbis” and would later be referred to as “orbuculum.” The art of crystal ball gazing would go on to become increasingly popular throughout Rome over the course of the proceeding several hundred years, until it would be condemned by the Catholic church.

Around the 2nd to 5th century CE, Druids in the British Isles would also use crystal balls (and other reflective surfaces, such as water) to foresee the future. Druids and other pagan groups would virtually be wiped out in this region when Rome took over Great Britain and this led to the practice and art of using crystal balls for the purpose of divination disappearing for an extended duration of time, though many still practiced it while hiding it from the church.

The reign of Queen Elizabeth I during the Renaissance would lead to crystal balls regaining their importance and dependence as fortune-telling tools. This was largely due to the fact that an advisor to the queen named John Dee gained interest in utilizing an obsidian crystal ball for the use in scrying. He was also noted to be a “natural philosopher,” and an alchemist and believed that he could truly communicate with demons and angels via his sphere. He would share readings with the queen, and he ultimately began to increase the popularity of the practice.

Throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Roma (gypsies) would migrate in large numbers from India to Europe and their fortune-telling traditions would leave them ostracized by the church, but would be warmly welcomed by countless individuals seeking their guidance. While initially crystal balls were not traditionally used by traditional Roma as tools for seeing into the future, they would quickly become adopted by them due to the influx of acceptance by a large majority of Europeans, and over time, gypsies would become deeply associated with crystal balls.

The Victorian era saw a boom in everything occult-related, including crystal gazing and spiritualism. Crystal gazing became something seen as “fashionable,” and it was believed that when the sun was in the northernmost declination a seer could simply gaze into the ball until they saw a rising mist, and then they could experience visions of the future.

The 20th century would see one of the best-known crystallomancy, a woman named Jeane Dixon. Dixon was a psychic who used her crystal sphere to assist her in making predictions that were political in nature. In 1956 she accurately predicted the assassination of President Kennedy and would later go on to advise President Richard Nixon and First Lady Nancy Reagan. Following her death, her crystal ball would be auctioned off for $12,000.

Today, crystal balls continue to gain in popularity and are part of Pagan, New Age, and other belief systems, and are also commonly used by mediums, fortune tellers, and psychics

Types of Crystal Balls

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the most common type of crystal ball and can be utilized for virtually any form of gazing or scrying. They boast electrical properties that successfully awaken one’s spiritual vision and insight, and are simply a generally good all-purpose crystal ball.


Commonly referred to as a healing spiritual stone. Amethyst comes from the quartz family and it is highly regarded for its healing properties (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and on a psychic level) and also for its ability in being able to channel the violet ray of the highest form of spirituality.

Rose Quartz

Known as the love stone, rose quartz is an incredibly gentle and loving stone to work with and they are good for working with any issues that pertain to the heart.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a calming and grounding stone. It is believed that the darker the smoky quartz is, the deeper the grounding. Smoky quartz is a great sphere to utilize for individuals who tend to be overly emotional, those who are negative, and those who have tendencies to consciously or unconsciously block psychic activity.


Obsidian is known to be an incredibly powerful mirror of your soul and it is actually one of the most highly effective crystals for being able to reveal what precisely is being reflected in your soul and the souls of others.


Malachite is an incredibly useful crystal in terms of revealing one’s past-life connections and also how present patterns of behavior and certain activities tend to lead to what is in store for you in the future.

Lapis, Sodalite, and Dumortierite

Lapis, Sodalite, and Dumortierite are all stones that energize your third eye, which is the center of psychic attunement and inner intuition.

Aqua Aura

The aqua aura or “angel stone’, is a type of clear quartz that has been bonded electronically with gold. As the name suggests, the angel stone connects us with our angels.

There are a number of other types of crystal balls available, but it is always best to do some research on what you are trying to accomplish with your scrying goals in order to determine which crystal or stone is going to be in your best interest to work with. If you have no set plans and are simply interested in learning how to scry with a crystal ball, it is always best to opt to purchase clear quartz to get started.

How to use a Magic Crystal Ball

Before you begin your journey learning how to scry with a crystal ball or before performing any other form of divination or scrying it is important to make note of the fact that you are, in fact, summoning the forces of the spiritual realm. While these forces typically remain shut off from the plane that we live in unless they are disturbed, and scrying, such as crystal ball gazing and other forms of divination will actually disturb them. When you perform acts of divination, such forces can do a number of things to you– they can either help you, drain you, or attack you. They can literally use your crystal sphere to step into our world, and that is precisely why you need to perform a cleansing and protection ritual before practicing.

To begin learning the process of scrying, the first step you are going to want to do is to find a quiet room that is slightly darkened. Place the crystal ball in front of you on its stand. Light two candles so that you are able to see clearly, this also assists in reflecting the images within the sphere.

Begin to clear your mind and relax. Burning your favorite incense, such as patchouli, or listening to calming music can be incredibly helpful to assist in calming your mind. Begin to center yourself by taking the time to gaze (not stare) into the ball, breathing deeply. Stay here for as long as you need to find your center. When you are ready, lay your hands gently on your sphere for at least 2 minutes in order to allow it to connect with your energy. Take the time to reflect upon the purpose for your scrying session, you can either visualize the question or say it aloud.
When you are ready, remove your hands from the crystal and gaze deeply into it. Allowing your eyes to relax and unfocus.

When you begin to see smoke forming within the crystal sphere you are going to simply allow it to take form and take over the whole of the ball until you begin to see an image start to form. If you are a beginner in crystal ball gazing, the images that you see may not necessarily make any sort of sense to you initially as your mind is simply not capable of grasping what these images mean. In fact, you may not see any images at all to start, or it may feel as if the image is not even related to what you want to see or what you feel you need to see. However, the more you start to work with your crystal sphere, the better you will find yourself getting at it.

You may see different colors of smoke or “clouds” in your crystal ball. Here are some of the top colors you may see, along with the meanings behind them:

Blue: Success in your business or career
Gold: Renewed romance, steady cash flow, and prosperity
Yellow: Obstacles
Black: Bad omens
Red: Caution and impending danger
Green: Happiness of the heart and health
Gray/Dark Gray: Misfortune
Orange: Troubled emotions, hidden anger, and aggression
Silver: Troubling times ahead which will be followed by goodness, “the silver lining” so to speak
White: Good fortune is to come

When you are ready to close your crystal gazing session, slowly allow the images you have seen to gradually fade back into the sphere until the ball goes back to its natural state. Be sure to thank your sphere and make sure that you smudge it or simply perform a cleansing spell before you place it back into its storage place (they store best when you wrap a simple velvet cloth around it in order to keep the energies it holds contained).

Working with a crystal ball is one of the most incredible, eye-opening tools of divination that you can work with. It most certainly takes time and practice, but it can truly be a magical experience that can change your life.

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