Magic Spell for Studying

Do you need a Magic spell for studying? Don’t feel bad. Most students are approaching the end of their terms and suffering from burnout. This all-too-familiar feeling is something that all students experience at some point. If you are dealing with the onset of stress from school and are needing some help, this is the article for you. One of the biggest issues most students deal with is related to studying. Here, we will be providing you with a magic spell for studying that actually works to help you keep going until break!

What You’ll Need:

Crystals: The best crystals for studying are Fluorite, Green Tourmaline, Honey Calcite, Tiger Eye, and Amazonite. When in doubt, use clear quartz.

Candle: The candle color choice is up to you. Yellow is great for clarity and to manifest creativity. Blue is calming. Orange is best for energy and success. If you don’t have any of these colors, opt for white.

Clear Intent: While of course your intent for this spell is to help to study. You are going to need to direct your focus and cast this spell with the clearest of intentions in order for it to successfully work.

Your Voice: As is the case of any spell, you are going to clearly speak your intentions into this spell.

Smudge: While this smudging is optional, it is certainly in your best interest to do so. Smudging clears the space you will be conducting the spell in and will promote clarity in your mind as well. 

Casting Your Magic Spell for Studying

1)Prepare Your Altar

If smudging, do so first in order to clear your space and promote clarity in your head and intentions. Next, set up your altar space with your candle and crystals. The best part about witchcraft is that it is your own, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Personally, I like to place my candle at the center of my altar and surround it with crystals (North, South, East, and West), but again, the choice is yours.

2)Direct Your Focus

Light your candle, and clear your mind. Stare into the candle’s flame as you begin to set your intention. Breathe deeply and begin to slowly close your eyes as you focus deeply on what you are seeking to attain. Focus your intent specifically, and not broadly. Instead of simply, “I want to study harder,” speak something more along the lines of, “I will remember the words of my texts,” or “this history topic will come easily to me.” The more specific you can narrow down your intent, the more powerful spell you will unlock.


When you feel as if you are calm and focused, you are ready to speak the words and cast your intent. You can write your spell on paper beforehand if you wish, or you can simply opt to use the words that come to you, as they come. An example of how to form your spell is something along the lines of:

“Gods and Goddesses, hear my call,
Let these words pass through me and stall.
These facts will stick,
I will not quit.
I will make the grade,
It will not fade.
So Mote it Be.”

Again, formulate your spell to fit your innate desire, and be sure to be clear in your intentions.

Finishing Touches

Once your spell has successfully been cast, snuff out your candle and thank the Gods and Goddesses, your elders, your angels, or other spirit guides or deities you work with. Do not blow out your candle, you may opt to allow it to burn down safely if you wish, but do not blow it out. You can also cleanse and consecrate one of your chosen crystals to carry with you or keep nearby as you study to help direct your focus as well.

Remember, the more you believe that your spell will work in your favor, the stronger it will be. Have faith in yourself and your craft. Trust that you know what you’re doing and it will be done.

Amy Koller

Amy Koller

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