Magic Spells: Adam and Eve Root

The roots of the Curtain Orchid are commonly referred to as the “Adam & Eve Root.” These roots are native to North America, and boast a strong association with mending broken relationships. The two roots are excellent representations of male and female anatomy, and they can also help you attract love or a nice strong relationship. Few roots are as effective for love as Adam and Eve. Whether you’re looking for a hot date or a long-term relationship, Adam and Eve roots can help you find it and maintain it. These modest tiny roots can have a great magical impact if your love life could use a bit extra action.

How the Roots Work

The roots of aplectrum hyemale, a North American orchid species, are known as Adam and Eve. These roots are divided into two types: the Adam root is elongated and narrow, while the Eve root is plump and rounded. The Adam and Eve roots are linked, and the Adam root grows around the Eve root. Because of their likeness to genitalia, they are extremely effective for sympathetic magic. Whatever is done to the roots will damage the relationship if one is used to symbolizing one partner and the other is used to represent the other partner.

What are the Roots Used For?

These plants were also used to manufacture glue for fixing shattered artifacts, and have significant ties to the healing of broken relationships. The love that binds and ties the two partners is, in turn, strengthened by these roots. The two roots can also be utilized to craft a highly effective attraction amulet. These roots can also be given to a couple to assure their happiness in the future and to assist couples who are constantly arguing.

Attracting a New Relationship

It’s fine if you don’t have a companion to keep you company. The roots of Adam and Eve are equally as potent in attracting new love into your life. Place each root in a red flannel mojo bag and anoint with an Attraction Oil or Manifesting Oil. Light a lamp and recite the attributes you seek in your ideal lover while dressing both roots. Make a list of these ahead of time, sit down with a pen and paper, and think about the type of lover you want in your life. Don’t be vague! You are less likely to be dissatisfied if you are more precise. Carry the mojo bag with you once you’ve done dressing both roots and place them in it. Take the roots out every now and then, hold them in your dominant hand, and envision your perfect partner.

Both men and women can use the Adam & Eve Root to attract a potential spouse by reciting Genesis 2:18:

“And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field. But for Adam, there was not found a help meet for him.” Add “bring me one who is destined to be the flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.”

Check out this general spell set. It’s great for casting your love spells

Maintaining Loyalty in Your Relationship

Exchanging roots with your lover is a popular technique to keep them loyal. This keeps you in their thoughts at all times. The roots can help bring lovers back together, even if they have been apart for a long time if they are exchanged with real and honest vows of love. A male spouse would traditionally take an Eve root, while a female partner would take an Adam root. Instead, same-sex partners would swap Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve roots. Partners from other genders should pick whichever roots they feel are most suited and continue from there.

The Adam root should be carried by one partner, while the Eve root should be carried by the other. The idea is that the lovers’ roots will be attracted back to one other, keeping them together. Carry both roots in a crimson mojo bag, anoint it daily with a Blessing or Anointing Oil to attract new love or a proposal.


Bring an Apprehensive Lover Closer

If you have a lover who is unsure about you, Adam and Eve roots can help you win them over. This spell takes seven days to complete and is most effective when completed on the full moon.

Apply a Manifesting oil to the roots, then position them at opposite ends of a room where they won’t be disturbed. Place candle (pink, red, or white), etched with your and your lover’s names in the center of your altar. Light the candle, let it burn, anoint the roots with fresh oil, and move them closer together every day. Chant as you do this:

“Your love is only for me, as you will witness in seven days.
“By roots and oil and candle flames, I will be anything you desire.”

Allow your candle to burn out on its own, the roots should touch by the seventh day (the full moon). Put them in a mojo bag and keep them with you anytime you know you’ll be seeing your sweetheart.

To Sum it Up

So many people opt to use Adam and Eve roots, and for very good reason. These herbs are one of the most widely used love herbs simply because they work. If you look after your roots, they will not let you down.

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Amy Koller

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