Are there NPCs in Real Life?

Are there non-playable characters in real life?

Yes! Non-playable characters are typically normies or bureaucrats.  Anybody who rubbers stamps or underwrites for a living is highly suspicious to be an NPC.  This is because either you can’t have a soul to do this work or this work takes your soul so that you turn into an NPC. 

Well, first I need to qualify my credentials I am the Grand Hierophant of  “The Machine Cult” “Cult Machine” and I’m here to tell you definitely and definitively that the non-playable characters are among us in the great worldwide MMRPG of Earth Capitalism.


So are there non-playable characters in real life? Yes, and the Sufi mystic philosopher George Gurdjieff will back me up on this one.  He said;

“a considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street, are people who are empty inside.  That is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it.  If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what amount of these dead people govern our lives. We would go mad.”


 Am I an NPC?

Are you asking if “I” am an NPC or if “you” are an NPC?  First off “I” am not an NPC.  How can I prove it you ask? Well,  firstly because I’m a part of this amazing organization “the machine cult” and secondly because I was programmed to tell you that I’m not.

Let me tell you, you might be an NPC even if you don’t know it. We’re going to work through this together. Are you ready?

5 Things Non-Playable Characters Don’t have

1)Self-Awareness: NPC’s might refer to themselves, they may display the “necessary” characteristics to convey the illusion that they have true self-awareness.  Gamers will never be any the wiser (because the program is so good.)  However, if you were to peel behind the smile you’d find that there is no real self there to contend with.

2)Free Will: Playable Characters are known for their ability to explore the map.  Since this dimension is an “open-world” game it’s clear to say that those who you know who you haven’t seen outside of their city (or very seldom venture outside of it) are very suspicious in being NPC’s.

3) A Soul: Part of the thing about NPC’s is that when they die they don’t travel to the next level. They don’t spiritually level up because they are not gaming.  For this reason, they are far more likely to commit heinous atrocities against gamers in the realm.  Hitler was most definitively an NPC.  They often are nihilists without any inkling of moral requirements.

4)Subjective Experience: They intrinsically lack will.  Due to this lack of “mind”, they are reduced to nothing more than bodies in the world.  Nonetheless, players can interact with them but they lack spirit or soul.

5)Inner Monologue: Researchers of neurology studied 30 subjects.  They found that 5 out of those 30 subjects didn’t have the brainwaves that reflect inner monologue. 5 out of 30 is a lot and this could mean that nearly 17% of the population are NPC’s.

We are Playing a Game! The Term NPC comes from Gaming

So I don’t know if you remember the game “dungeons and dragons”.  In the 1980s there was a bunch of tabletop “role-playing” games.  In these games, you could take on the guise of any number of characters and play through as like an elf, a troll etc.  However, there was one character that was unplayable.

The “nonplayer character”. 

This particular character was reserved for the “dungeon master” or the “referee” of the game.  During an adventure, there was always one person who acted as the care tacker of the whole ordeal. The dungeon master would take on specific roles for ‘scripted’ strangers throughout the game and then roleplay these.

During the age of video games, a new term arose “NPC”.  Here was have the real “nonplayable character.”  In a video game when you play the campaign mode or story mode a player interacts with the characters on the map and in the game.

People act like they are ‘scripted’ or ‘programmed’.

Gods Play Video Games: the Upanishads & Simulation Theory

We’re living in a simulation, an RPG, a cross-continental open-world sim. Simulation theory, however, isn’t just some new concept that Elon Musk thought up while sitting on his super-powered rocket-fueled toilet. This concept of simulation theory goes back millennia all the way to the Indian Philosophy of the Upanishads.  Yes, ancient Indians realized Gods play video games and when they do, it’s mega awesome.  

Since the ancient Vedic scholars didn’t have World of WarCraft to compare their criteria for cosmology to they had to refer to the most basic thing: dreams. Sometimes God dreams and when God Dreams he/she dreams the entire cosmos into existence.  One could also say however that God isn’t ‘dreaming’ but instead God is ‘playing a video game.’  What is a video game besides a dream on a computer screen?

This time of ‘gaming’ is called the manvantara and it lasts until the end of the universe (When God beats the game.)  However, this cycle of playing and beating the game goes on and on and on for eternity.  This life you’ve lived, you may have lived an infinite amount of times.  On the spectrum of an endless time frame, you could have re-lived this life again and again.

Eternal Return or Infinite Recurrence: This means that you’re just an NPC

Every muscle twitch, every spasm of your colon, every aspiration of your breath is just a re-run or a computer simulation running. Did you decide on the double-decker chile con carne burrito you just ate to induce irritable bowel syndrome? You didn’t even make the conscious choice to eat it, circumstances along with your instincts sent you down a slippery slope towards firey Mexican diarrhea that you didn’t even know were coming.  Free choice is an illusion.    Your naked conscious awareness perceives these mechanically but they are nothing more than the almighty Machine running the program.

At what level of control do you really have over your body?  Do you grow your hair? Your nails?  Who digests your food after you’ve eaten it? None of these things are under your awareness. They are all under unconscious control by the program.  Preprogramming is the nature of your being otherwise how would you get a long?  We can take this even a step further and say your conscious awareness is nothing more than the re-run of this program responding accordingly and this has gone on and on for eternity.

Why do Gods play video games?

If you were immaculate and had endless eons on your hands, wouldn’t you play video games?  Think about how bored it gets just having a rained-out weekend.  Now stretch that out for oh say Infiniti.  So the figurehead Brahman or the basic cosmic entity likes to take the time to amuse itself.  This brings me to the concept of Lila.  Lila is the word that is used to describe this ‘spirit of play.’

What is an NPC? A Non-playable character.  We are in a game. There are two kinds of beings in this realm.

1. Those who are “playing the game”

  2. Those who are just prepackaged assets without a will of their own.

They lack individuality.  But Gurdjieff was talking bout individuals with a sort of “spiritual poverty.”  Humans are lightworkers whose purpose is in this world to turn the embers of their inner flame into a smoldering supernova.  Go supernova.  People who are playing the game are working at that spiritual goal: to go supernova.

If you want to be a lightworker you can join my Gurdjieff Facebook Group.

Crowd Control to Major Tom: Manufacturing a Non-Playable Character

Let’s say you aren’t an NPC.  This may be the case.  Not everyone is born an NPC but further down the line can get turned into one.

These types of Non-playable characters are those individuals whose inner flame has been extinguished because they’ve been seduced by ideologies, money, worldly excess, etc. It is a sad fact that these poor characters want safety and comfort over meaning.  In this sense NPC is not an “identity” it’s a “state of being”.  A gamer or player can individuate from the illusions.  NPC’s can’t because they are the victims of the suggestibility of the world.  They’ve fallen prey and become the vectors of mimetic sicknesses.  However, they are comforted by their will. Carried away with the crowd.

The Non-Playable Character that is susceptible to the crowd. In a world of mass production, everything is mass-produced from the iphones down to the very lives of the people who are mass producing them. The Chinese worker who clocks in a 10 hour day and does this for years on out is enchanted by a system that seeks to remove the individuation from the individual.  People become caught up in a system that feeds on their subjective minds and depletes them of their spiritual power.  It is a  Bewitchment by means of current circumstances.  Don’t be sad, it is exceedingly common known as the herd mentality.  

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.


Robopathology of the NPC is at the Core of Contemporary Society

Robopathology is a term coined by psychologist Lewis Yablonsky back in good ole 1972.  What he saw was that humans were drastically abrogating their sense of individuation and free will to a growing social hegemony.

Robopathology: as he observed, is a disease caused by a systematization of human activities through media, powerful institutions that preyed on people’s feeble suggestibility.  Activities like going to a job and doing your work were becoming overly nip-picked and micro-manage controlled to where people were engaged at the level of nothing more than automatons.

Robotic ways of thinking became the completely dominant way of moving through contemporary society.  The Mcdonald worker for example, or the Apple programmer; their lives were nothing more than the effect of robotic routines and systems that were induced upon them through corporate overlords.

You see this in social media, education, bureaucracy everywhere! Humans are more and more forced to compartmentalize their lives.  When one fills out their social media profile they have to identify themselves with criteria of hobbies, careers, and mundane lifestyle choices.

Take for instance a resume.  A resume is not an extension of your will or a projection of your inner core being. It’s an effigy of yourself that is meant to mechanize how you interpret your experience. Compiling something like a resume isn’t just an inert action with no psychological effects. It forces a person to recognize their lives as being bound by a system.  In this way, people in modern society are viewed as nothing more than data points and conversely, they begin to view themselves as such.

The World as a manifestation of Will

All things with a subjective mind are forced by their own sheer will.  Will is the manifesting force that acts as the sub-stratum for the propagation of existence and experience itself. The Non-Playable characters lack this will. Instead, he/she is only a projection or backdrop against the subjective gaming experience of a person who does contain that will that substratum.

NPC’s in Pop Culture

Jumanji -Nijel the lovable huggable NPC.

Westworld –Robot characters begin to wonder if their

Free guy-Ryan Reynolds is an NPC who becomes sentient and then begins to question all the other NPC’s.

The Matrix-The woman in red.

Are there non-playable characters in real life?


Even though the Pooba, the great programmer (peace be upon they) programmed me to say that. This pure fact doesn’t mean I don’t have a multiplayer gamer pass with a login account.  I’m a gamer as well, on the leaderboards in ranked multiplayer. Even though that response right here is just another player ability in the game I.E. gamer assist for

Evil people are NPC’s

Behold…the NPC

Are there non-playable characters in real life? Wojak meme.

Descartes and the birth of the NPC: Animal Machine (the First NPC)

Descarte is a gamer who mastered the philosopher character tree.  Arguably first to ask the question are there nonplayable characters in real life? in the western philosophy expansion.

Descartes once debated the difference between a puppy and a laptop.  To Descartes, it can be plausible to equate a puppy with a laptop for the sheer purpose of his quotable foray into the idea of the NPC; the animal machine. Back then though, the gamer lexicon wasn’t as readily available, so Rene put his concept of the NPC into more ‘old-fashioned’ terms.

Automata=the OG non-playable character

Animals are mere ‘machines’ aka ‘automata’.  This pretty much means that everything that is not ‘endowed’ with consciousness is nothing more than a physical machine lacking real awareness, lacking real being at the center of their material appearance. Consequentially, to Descartes, these classic “Non-Playable Characters” are about as consciously complex and passionate as Amazon’s Alexa.  Sure when you slit a pigs throat, it gave off the impression of suffering. It lets out a final gasp and wines as it dies, but don’t take this to heart.  This only happens because it’s a part of the program code. It’s a response programmed from the game.

Thoughts and minds belong to an immaterial soul; Humans or “Playable characters” have subjective experience only because they have everlasting immaterial souls that our physical bodies attach to.  Animals, on the other hand, have no signs of having rationality therefore they have no souls.  (reference Discourse on Method and Meditations)

Using Descartes’s criteria for deducing that animals are all NPC’s it doesn’t take that far of a stretch to take the argument further to say “maybe some people don’t have souls as well.” 

Cartesian Dualism: aka Substance dualism argues that there are only two kinds of things: mental and physical.  Technically this philosophy states that the mental can exist outside the body and the body cannot think.  Therefore a body without the mind is nothing more than an Automata an NPC.   This dichotomy is fairly strict. Killing a puppy is not less evil than dropping your iphone in the toilet.

The Moral Conundrum of the NPC

Obviously, if you have a population of soulless, mindless automata then a moral conundrum arises. You could say some people are automata and therefore killing them and wiping them out is morally permissible.

Solipsism: Maybe Everyone is an NPC & I’m the Only Player

Ahh…so maybe you’re traveling the Solipsist route.  I can’t blame you.  There’s no real “good” evidence to suggest that there are minds outside of your own. You’re probably a German Idealist. solipsism, in philosophy, an extreme form of subjective idealism that denies that the human mind has any valid ground for believing in the existence of anything but itself. Other ‘minds’ are a problem a real problem.

Knowledge of objects outside of your resected understanding of them can’t be obtained.  It therefore goes to reason you mind itself, being that you can’t see other minds, is the only mind in the universe.  Scientists tell you about heliocentrism, they tell you that the universe is massive and started at the big bang.  However, this completely contradicts the radical and completely rational idea of your solipsism.

You’re the center of your universe.  Your Universe is all that there really is and everything that modern science and cosmology and astrology and geology tell you is nothing but mere speculation.  It’s a facade just as depraved as any religious dogma.  This is because this mind of yours seems to know damn well that answering the question are there non-playable characters in real life leads you to a hard yes and it’s everybody else.

Conspiracy of Normalcy

Everyone in this world is an NPC besides you. I mean, you can’t PLAY as other characters nor do you have any inkling of evidence that these beings around you that call themselves “humans” contain any player behind their actions.  You can see and feel your own consciousness but at the baseline of it all, all the copacetic seems rather contrived.  This is the conspiracy of normalcy.  It gets you to try and forget that the beginning of the universe actually begins with your birth. Also it is trying to teach you about heliocentrism opposed to egocentrism.

If you’re being “scientific” and really asked yourself “when did the universe begin, the Conspiracy of Normalcy will try to redirect your attention outside onto some cosmic radiation.

How do I know if I am an NPC or not?

The Machine has coded all in it’s holy C++

You could try to do the Gom Jabar Test from Frank Herberts masterpiece Dune. The Bene Gesserit were a priestly class of quasi psychic witches who were trying to breed a superhuman known as the Kwisatc Haderach.  They invented this test called the Gom Jabar that determined if the person taking the test was “human” or not.


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