Blood Magick Rituals

Blood Rituals for Magick

There are numerous myths concerning blood magick. Here we are going to debunk some of the most popular misconceptions about this procedure. Blood sacrifices to gods were common among ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs and Incas. These involved the murder of people and, on rare occasions, animals. This is no longer a prevalent (or necessary) practice in current times. Because your desire and energy are embedded in every step of the process, blood magick using one’s own blood is regarded as one of the most powerful forms of witchcraft. 

The use of blood to connect ritual implements, religious equipment, and other artifacts to their owners is common. Binding friends, siblings, and significant others is a popular activity in addition to making pacts between people. Many people have been crafting blood vial necklaces for their lovers recently, and this is a sort of blood magick if done with the proper intentions.

How Blood Magick Works

A few drops of blood on a spell candle to increase the spell’s performance or mixing your blood with oil to dress and charge the candle are two good ways to start using blood. You can put a drop or two in a jar or container magick. To charge or anoint your talismans or amulets, use drops. To help protect yourself, smear it on jewelry pieces. Putting a drop on a piece of paper and writing out your incantation. Alternatively, you can use a drop or two in your herbs for the spell.


When is it best to utilize blood magick? For the most serious of situations. If you require significant protection, such as from life-threatening or life-altering risks. It’s helpful for health and well-being; clearly, it won’t help with a regular cold or a skin break on the knee, but it can help with harmful addictions, disease, surgery, and other issues.


Blood magick is unpredictable and the outcome of your ritual or spell can be unexpected. Because you utilized your “liquid soul” to increase the spell, the highs and lows are likely to directly affect you when you use blood, especially your own. Also, if you use blood from another creature, please be sure it was obtained responsibly.

Blood Consumption


Some blood rituals involve two or more people cutting themselves or each other, then drinking the blood. The release or intake of blood may be viewed by the participants as a source of energy that can be used as a sexual, therapeutic, or mental stimulant. Other cultures take human blood, typically menstrual, and cook it into certain foods such as cakes often as a means of binding one to another. 

While blood consumption is common in many cultures, it comes with a lot of risks. And bloodborne viruses are not to be treated lightly. Blood can be consumed for a variety of reasons, including to reinforce and signify rites of passage, life and death, rebirth, and birth, among others.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate blood consumption. When getting your own blood for spellwork, please remember to follow the right protocol: area cleansed, skin sanitized, and tools sanitized. Just enough to tear the skin, collect the droplets, and disinfect and bandage your wound right away. Make sure to cleanse anything that comes into contact with your blood at the end of the ritual or spell.

History of Blood Rituals

Because physical physiological birth entails bleeding, blood rituals frequently include a symbolic death and rebirth. Blood is a key component of a sacrifice or a material component for a spell in other circumstances. Various groups of individuals, including those with religious or political affiliations, engage in blood rituals. In 2002, for example, Shi’ite Muslims in Britain performed a rite known as “Matam,” an act that involves self-flagellation, where Shia Muslims inflict wounds on their backs, chests, and heads as a sign of mourning.

The Aztecs

Around 500 years ago, the Aztecs practiced blood rites. Aztecs routinely utilized blood and sacrifice as offerings to the Sun God between 1376 and 1521 AD. They thought that the gods sacrificed their own blood to create the universe, thus they presented blood to the gods as a form of reciprocation and gift for their creations. The Aztecs’ way of life was dictated by the necessity to provide freshly blooded sacrifices to the sun god, who needed men’s hearts to give life to the earth and aid the souls of slain warriors to the Aztecs’ conception of heaven. The Aztec gods and Aztecs maintained a bond through the rites. They believed that if blood was ritually given, the gods would grant abundant crops and long lives and if blood was not offered to the gods, they would be chastised and subjected to excruciating torment that no man could ever experience.


Some Indians participate in a voluntary political rite in which they donate blood to honor politicians who have passed away. Blood donation is a literal gift to those who require transfusions. The attendees donate blood at donation camps on the politician’s birthday or death anniversary. The goal of blood donation is to prolong life or to give those who receive the blood additional time to live. Despite their deaths, these individuals are still contributing to the preservation of life by the citizens of India giving blood in their honor. Donors are, in a sense, relating to politicians, continuing to accomplish good for the country and extending life after death.


There are countless examples of blood rituals throughout history for various purposes ranging from healing to eternal life. But blood magick rituals are not for everyone. Please remember don’t use blood in your practice if you don’t feel comfortable with it. It is up to you to choose your own route. It is also strongly advised to not “play” with blood magick if you don’t know what you’re doing. Blood is extremely potent and very powerful. You can bind someone to you, draw them from you, or create harm in ways that you simply were unaware of. Blood magick is not a game, exercise caution before attempting it.

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