Why Witches Should Practice Yoga

While witchcraft and yoga are separate traditions, they may be a wonderful compliment to one another. Witches can improve their Craft by incorporating yoga into their daily routine. In reality, there have been a number of papers published recently on this subject, but there are few that discuss how witchcraft might be beneficial to yoga students. Many fundamental elements in traditional yoga are difficult for people to grasp when they are first getting started. The yogi will have an easier time interacting with the more esoteric elements that transform yoga from a simple workout to a holistic or spiritual practice if they study witchcraft and maintain a yoga practice.

Both Practices are Beneficial to One Another

When learning a psychic skill, it’s usual for novice witches to question how it’s done. TikTok is flooded with people looking for answers to questions like these. Unlike witchcraft, which can be complicated by esoteric procedures or flowery terminology, yoga provides straightforward solutions to these types of problems. Many people who are new to yoga, on the other hand, have difficulty meditating and relaxing their minds. Patience and perseverance are the classic yoga methods for dealing with this difficulty, and they are totally valid. Many new yogis, however, become upset and give up “before the magick comes.” Witchcraft, on the other hand, provides a slew of solutions for dealing with that annoyance.

Many of those methods are directly related to yoga and help to increase a person’s focus abilities. These possibilities range from merely lighting a candle to sophisticated spell work and rituals aimed at concentrating the witch’s concentration.

Benefits for the Mind and Body

Yoga is well-known for involving both the mind and the body. Those same holistic elements, on the other hand, are frequently overlooked in the witch’s wild desire to develop psychic abilities and embrace the more Dionysian aspects of the Craft. Witchcraft, on the other hand, contains components of a mind-body link because it acknowledges all of nature, which includes the witch’s physical body. Yoga combined with witchcraft allows the witch to connect with this reality on a deeper level.

The importance of the physical body in witchcraft cannot be emphasized, whether you’re talking about sustaining physical health or generating energy. Unfortunately, many modern witches overlook this aspect of the Craft, and as a result, they suffer with many other aspects of their psychic or magical development. Witches are taught and believe that their bodies contain the source of their power. One of the many reasons why yoga is such a godsend for witches who are struggling to develop their psychic powers is that it helps the witch learn how to access that power more effectively.

Full Moon Yoga

Better Health

Yoga is well-known for its health benefits. That should come as no surprise, but did you know that health and healing are also important aspects of witchcraft? In reality, most of witchcraft focuses on assisting the witch in living a healthier life.

At first glance, yoga and witchcraft appear to take opposing approaches to healing. Yoga is almost entirely focused on the physical body, whereas witchcraft appears to be entirely focused on spells and incantations.

Pranayama is one of the most effective therapeutic techniques in the yoga system. While there are many different translations of this Sanskrit word, one of the more prevalent ones states that it is made up of two words: prana and ayama. The root term prana can be translated as life energy, and the root word ayama can be translated as expansion. It’s easy to understand how a pranayama practice is all about growing life energy or generating health when you put it all together.

Once you get over the initial spells, witchcraft takes on a similar approach to yoga. The breath is used in both yoga and witchcraft to direct the flow of energy. Yoga and witchcraft both teach people how to gather energy in their bodies by using breath and other breathing techniques.

Though the terminology used to describe the many practices and procedures differs (yoga uses the term prana, or life force, while witchcraft uses the term magnetism), the spirit behind all approaches is the same. Practitioners who studied both ideologies gain a greater understanding of the different techniques. And will be able to cure their minds and bodies much faster than if they practiced one without the other.

Raise Your Energy

Yoga poses (asanas) and pranayama practices can help witches raise energy during a spell or ritual. But they aren’t the only ways yoga can help them. On a more practical level, yoga can assist witches in practicing their craft with greater consistency over time.

How many Full Moons have passed you by without you performing a ceremony? Maybe you just didn’t have the “get-up-and-go” when the time came to perform your selected spell? Maybe you were too disorganized, or your mind was elsewhere, and you couldn’t concentrate. Bills must be paid by all of us. So much of our free time is consumed by our employment.

Expectations from our family, friends, and relationships can be stressful. Even mundane household tasks might seem so stressful, that we put our magick on hold.

These are all common obstacles that witches confront as they progress in their magickal practice. And adding a regular yoga practice to a witch’s already hectic schedule can solve them all. All of these novice level yoga poses, such as Child’s Pose, Cat-Cow Pose, even Corpse pose, help to combat lethargy and exhaustion. Witches grow more equipped to deal with life’s myriad challenges by incorporating them into their daily practice.

Develop Focus and Make Your Intentions Clear

Focus and intent are essential in witchcraft. Witchcraft takes an iron will and complete control of the mind. Whether casting a spell, practicing “shadow work,” or simply meditating. Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted method for creating that iron will or mastering the practitioner’s mind in witchcraft. On the other hand, yoga does. The ancient books that impacted the formation of yoga write a lot about the process of building focus and defining intent as part of the journey to achieve conscious mind freedom.

Meditation Is Made Easier With Spells

One of the most irritating components of any spiritual practice is quieting the mind. Yoga is an excellent approach to achieve that aim as it offers little solace to yogis who are still on their route to spiritual enlightenment. When it comes to yoga, you simply do it. You take a seat, struggle with your dissatisfaction, set it aside and continue “just doing it” until you achieve your goal.

That degree of frustration might be a deal breaker for many people. Here, witchcraft can assist the new yogi. Witchcraft, unlike typical yoga training, does not demand the practitioner to suffer through the early stages of learning to meditate. Witchcraft diverts your attention away from the battle by providing you with something else to concentrate on as you hone your concentration skills. In the end, both yoga and witchcraft assist practitioners in gaining mental mastery. The process of getting there may look different, but the end results are the same.

Yogis and Witches Unite

The truth is that witchcraft and yoga have numerous striking connections that enhance one another. These are only a few of the many reasons why witches and yogis should incorporate these two beautiful activities into their everyday routines.

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