Neti-Neti and the Path to Enlightenment

Neti Neti it’s a Sanskrit expression devised by ancient Vedic wisdom. It means ‘not this not that’

But really….it’s more than that.

It’s a mental tool that Yogi’s used to induce higher levels of consciousness, it’s a via negativa analytical theology and it’s a mantric artifact that when used can help you break through the barriers of illusion to allow absolute reality to manifest itself shine through the fog of the finite and engender divinity into the fissures of your finite particulate human experience! 

Basically, Neti-Neti is a simple cheat code to access special abilities of spirit power that can be applied here now, in your mortal earthly avatar. If you can unlock your spiritual skill tree, you’ll get to the highest level of consciousness. Enlightenment/moksha. This is the highest level any gamer can achieve in the 3rd realm.

Why would you want enlightenment at all you ask? 

According to the Philosopher Immanuel Kant, Enlightenment is adulthood. Children need guidance, Children need guardians, but as he sees it even “fully grown” Homosapien primates such as yourselves are induced into a child-like stupor. You’ve got a book that thinks for you, a Woke celebrity to act as your moral conscious, a doctor who prescribes your diet, a scientist who tells you to lockdown or mask up, and so on and so on.

These guardians who have so kindly taken supervision upon themselves, see to it that the overwhelming majority of infantile adult homosapiens should consider the step to maturity and enlightenment, not only as hard but extremely dangerous. Serioushumans can be made into stupid docile domestic cattle who can’t take a step without the leading strings to which they’ve been fastened. These leading- strings are dogmas and formulas.

Neti-Neti is the Solvent to break those leading strings.

Enlightenment is adulthood, enlightenment is freedom!

Isn’t Neti-Neti just another Religious thing?

Don’t get Neti-Neti confused with guardians. Sometimes you need training wheels before you can pull off a full blown wheelie.  The Veda is just a player walkthrough for Spiritual Adepts who want to take their avatars to the next level. But don’t get hung up on it.

A picture of the vedas being compared to a video game manual

  The Buddha Peace be upon him said it best. He called Spiritual teachings Yana which etymologically in form are translated as vehicle like a metaphysical taxi service. Which is probably why the symbol of Buddhism is a steeringwheel, Buddhas just like a holy bus driver.

Where does Neti-Neti come from?

So the Neti-Neti spirituality cheat comes comes from Advaita Vedanta. A path of textual exegesis and spiritual discipline and experience. If you need guidance on Advaita Vedanta blog post that I also did.  


The origin of Neti-Neti was first introduced in the guide called the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad. In it it tells of a great sage named Yajnavalkya who had achieved the highest level in the Sage character class. One of the lower ranked gamers in the Guild ladder asked him to describe God to which old Yajnavalkya boy replied

“The Divine is not this and it is not that.”

Modes to Understanding God


What is God exactly? 

You see this negative approach to theology that is Neti-Neti comes as one of two to modes to understanding God. The Via Affirmativa and the via Negativa. The exoteric and the esoteric.

Via Affirmativa

Via Affirmativa refers to the affirmative affirmations to the nature of the almighty. For example the Quran identifies divine through the via Affirmativa in the use of 99 names of which are affirmations of Gods.  

Via Negativa

Then you have the via Negativa which is the main course to any apophatic theology which speaks of God in terms of what God is not and should be incorporated into every adepts spiritual diet. 

Like all via Negativa esoterica Neti-Neti dissolves illusions to arrive at an absolute transcendental reality. What is real anyway, Everything is transient, everything can be reduced to smaller components, nothing lasts, the present is a degrading ungraspable infinitesimal moment, here today gone tomorrow, we’re all gonna die. Even the word neti-neti is just a voice velar nasal consonantal sound. A simple little flush of lips. (Close up hmmmm..neti, net) It just falls off the tongue I can taste it but its fleeting, gone.

How to use Neti-Neti Meditation for Transcendence

What is this illusory veil of dynamism which stands between us and the almighty everlasting Brahman? How can one simple transcendental cheat code eradicate our illusory walls of reality?

 Neti-Neti has no meaning and it’s meant to be like that. It’s sole purpose is just disidentification. If God transcends all things, humans can’t apply qualities and attributes to it in the affirmative anyway, correct. Therefore we can only come to the light of Brahman by focusing on what Brahman is not.


You are a corporeal entity.  See this body, see your hand, you’re not your hand. You see your toes, you’re not your toes…In fact this corporeal being dies many times throughout life, your baby body has died, your teenager body has died., This corporeal cocoon which your spirit inhabits will also be shed and give way to the everlasting butterfly which traverses all realms of the omniverse!! So cut the crap, stop identifying with shit that’s not you use the Neti-Neti method.

So what are you?

You are Brahman, You are the Godhead…not a human being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a human experience. Why oh why then do you not feel the Almighty within you that is you at all times? I’ll tell you why!

There is an immediacy to being, a fullness…..what I’m trying to say is, being has personal space issues.  Everything looks the same when you stand too close to it, like a black blur. There’s no space for experience.

Separation is an inherent property of phenomenon. Greeks had a name for it, it’s called ….Ecstasy.  No, not that kind of ecstasy!!… Ecstasy as in ekstasis. To stand outside and peer inwards. Conscious experience is not self-enclosed, Consciousness can only becomes aware of itself in things that it’s not. Consciousness of consciousness just falls into an absurd infinite regression recursive series of self undermining determinates at the same time finding and evading it’s own fleeting notions of existence !!!! It’s like trying to touch the tip of your right index finger, with the tip of your right index finger. You just can’t do it. 

Why is there distance between me and God?

So the experience of God and the distance between you and God is inscribed into God itself; zerself? Theyself?

Like Christ on the Cross in the moment of his alienation when he said “eli eli lama sahachtani” “God why have you forsaken me” you aren’t separated from God but your separation from God is a part of God itself.

You can’t do a layup, unless you’ve got something to bounce the ball off of.

Neti neti ain’t all net. Our illusions are the back board for our consciousness.

So why does God need space once in a while? Why does God need a break?

God needs a break because divinity gets fucking boring ok. The ageless perfection of the Pralaya when the absolute being is manifested in the Saguna Brahma and Saatva, Raja and Tamas are all in total balance, absolute perfection actually starts to get dull after a few 100 Gazillion eons. So……God takes a day off and you know what the absolute being does. He Plays video games.

   This reality that we all experience is just the almighty mass multiplayer sandbox for the manifest universe. Cause when the Universe Manifests, God gets to take a break….this divine weekend of weekends is called the Manvantara or the reign of Manu, the reign of Man… as in God mans the universe beyond space and time with some cosmic fucking Xbox controllers. But this age when Allah controls you from his parents basement is the Nirguna Brahma or God beyond reality, without knowable attributes, incomprehensible, unattainable & indiscernible from the scruples of illusion.

Neti-Neti in Meditation & Yoga

Weed through everything that ain’t Atman the higher self…coincidentally Through this, one realizes the non-dual awareness of reality through negating all worldly experiences until nothing but the Atman is left over. Just keep your finger on the delete key of your mind and, backspace until nothing but the Godhead remains.

Through Neti-Neti you can both visualize and experience life and the universe as the revelation of that Supreme Divine force. Turn away from the distracting allure of the world and worship with single-pointed attention to the formless Brahman -Atman., Peel through the fabric of illusion Back to see the aspect of playfulness of God in its aimless gaming of the realm.

The Vedas have a name for the cosmic Video game that we’re in, it’s called Lila.

The Trimurti and the Development of the Universe

Brahma is the great game developer, Vishnu is the programmer and Shiva Well if shiva makes a video game, it becomes the whole universe Shiva don’t give a shit, Shiva do whatever the hell he want. Nobody puts Shiva in a corner. They’re all just programming Yogic forces on the Shakti game engine.

This strange effect that Lila play has on the consciousness is called Avidya, it means ignorance but more like the obfuscation of reality, like the crowd at a magic show waiting to be enchanted more than Michael Jacksons diluted definition people who doubt he touched little Children.

  Avidya is a misconception that the illusion is real whereby we can get caught up in Gods cosmic game. This ignorance helps to suppress the real nature of God within us. It’s coefficient is Maya, a psychological state that we fall under as we identify ourselves under the game mechanics. We come to believe that the game is the reality. But it’s not real. Maya is just Gods creative energy splooging all over the mini map.

How does Neti-Neti work?


Neti-Neti works by negating any description about God or ultimate reality without tarnishing the ultimate reality itself. Because this place, here and now is just particulate.  Use Neti-Neti, break away. Break through the barriers of reality. Process of elimination to get to enlightenment to moksha the highest level gamer score.

It’s the Neti-Neti sale extravaganza all delusions must go…your convoluted sense of self. Gone!

past present and future anxieties, nothing but dumb mirages, caught up in the temporal dynamic spin dump it…, Neti-Neti tall hat shit away now!!! A loving and supportive family, cherish able memories, meaningful friendships…fucking rid of that shit now you dumb loser, You had a solid upbringing? Mom & Dad were kind and caring caretakers? None of its real!!! Hahahahahah

Passions, puppies, walks on the beach, your first love, your most cherished friendships, music, dancing, holding hands with your lover, fresh strawberrys off the vine, acceptance.  NONE OF IT IS REAL!!

Neti-Neti Meditation Method

So let me guess, you want a fucking how to of how to do Neti-Neti don’t you , how Pinterest of you. I dunno, what is every fucking generic Yoga girl post on her instagram nowadays?   If you get your spiritual advice from someone who posts pictures of their ass online you’ve got bigger problems.

First put some Parmesan on the floor…. Sit cross legged or something facing the wall, facing east, put a candle in your mouth, and yah know say Neti-Neti 6.. There yah go that’s how you do it…do it for 20….3 and a half minutes every 2nd Sunday on a leap year.


In conclusion


So the point is, Video games are more important than you thought. Yes, Enlightenment and Moksha are the highest level you can attain. But don’t forget to play the game. The point behind cosmic gameplay is to give God a break. Get completely swept up in the game. We’re here now for a time let yourself be absorbed in an arousing online matchup between ranked opponents. Choose from a variety of character classes to level up your avatar. You can be a business man, a sailor, a construction worker, a gay Indian Chief, a physician, an alcoholic the possibilities are endless. It’s all just for fun. There’s no purpose, the world is spontaneous creation created out of Gods boredom. Forget about divinity and never again try to perceive the unity of Brahman thats true enlightenment, underlying all these different forms. Forget Neti-Neti and instead get utterly consumed, get drunk on life within this world… slack off yah deadbeat and let the next world take care of itself…enjoy the illusion, diversions that help you lose sight of the divine. Who cares? All Hail the Machine.


David Ex Machina

David Ex Machina


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